You Wont Believe The Prices 23 Years Ago. A Look Back At 23 Years Ago And How Different Times Were In Honour Of A Legend.

You Wont Believe The Prices 23 Years Ago. A Look Back At 23 Years Ago And How Different Times Were In Honour Of A Legend.
23 years ago we had the true coming-of-age of India’s Pop Culture renaissance, the music, fashion style, outlook and e-based jobs. Many have documented the rise of this new “e-age” to be around the year. Did you know the first cellular phone call was made in this year by Bengal CM, Jyoti Basu.The tariff was Rs. 16 per minute. Yikes! Read on to find out more about that time and what the situation was. So, why did we pick up the time gap of 23 years ? Well, that was when professional basketballer, 4- time National Basketball Association Champion with team San Antonio Spurs and Olympic Gold and Silver medallist Manu Ginobilli started playing professionally. His contribution to the development of the sport along with opening the doors for foreign players truly gaining respect in the American league is among the many reasons he is expected to be a Hall Of Fame inductee. Manu announced his retirement from the sport on August 27 sadly. He will be missed by not only the basketball community but by everyone who has felt that they don’t belong to a place but leave it better than they found it. So, without further ado. Here we go!

1. The Prices Were High Low Ridiculous.

The INR stood at between Rs 33-44 per $1 (USD) throughout the year. In comparison, the INR stands at Rs 70 per $1 USD (as of writing this article). That’s not all; petrol prices in the capital were Rs 18.18 / litre. As of right now, they stand at Rs 77.63/ litre. Mmhmm! That’s quite a kick in the tank isn’t it?

2. OJ Simpson Found Innocent In Double-Murder “Trial Of The Century”

OJ Simpson with ex-wife (later deceased) Nicole Brown Simpson. OJ Simpson was a NFL Hall Of Fame American Football player who is most famously known for his involvement as primary suspect in the double murder case of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman at her premises. The case was went on for 11 months and was internationally publicised. The case was famous for having backgrounds of ‘racial profiling’ and ‘high celebrity involvement’ including Kris Kardashian - Mother of the Kardashian clan and ex wife of Robert Kardashian who was the defense attorney of OJ Simpson and is the biological father of Kim, Rob, Khloé and  Kourtney(Kardashian). Also attending the trial was Kris Kardashian’s at-the-time Olympian boyfriend, Bruce Jenner (known now as Caitlyn Jenner). Ironically, the trial interrupted the NBA Finals broadcast as news stations covered the trial’s proceedings instead.

3. The Anthem For The Good Son-In-Law Was Released.

Alisha Chinai’s hit song and album ‘Made In India’ was released in 1995. The song had a catchy chorus and memorable lyrics and quickly became a hit that urged Indians to look for 'desiya saathiya’ or 'local lovers’ claiming that significant others from as far as Australia and Japan are not as wholesome as the good old Indian boy-next-door. Michael Jackson’s 'You Are Not Alone’ released the same year. The video was considered quite risqué. Also part of this year’s star-studded song releases were Bryan Adam’s soulful 'Have You Ever Loved a Woman’ telling us how “she needs somebody to tell her that it’s gonna last” and how “ if you love a woman you a) tell her that she’s the one b) tell her that it’s gonna last forever making us wonder if "we’ve ever really really loved a woman” Hmm.

4. Kajol And Shah Rukh Khan Taught Us How To Board Trains And Run Through Sunflower Fields.

Yes, that’s right. 1995 also saw the release of the Indian cult movie, DDLJ. An entire generation learned to do SRK’s original “T-pose” and embrace Kajol’s demure demeanour. “The Jaa Simran, jee le zindagi” waala pyaar became the norm and more and more lovers found  recognition and acceptance in a community that previously chastized them. Go

5. India’s Huge Glo-up Phase Started

Bombay changed to Mumbai in November of 1995 but that wasn’t all. It was almost like a premonition to the changes that would eventually take place in India. The rise of true Indian Pop Culture and an e-lifestyle was born

A) The Introduction Of The Internet To The Indian Public:-

(Rate Chart for VSNL Internet Service, August 1995) Source- (The Indian Techonomist)

On August 15, 1995 Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL), a public-sector undertaking launched the Internet to the public. Although most couldn’t afford it, it was the beginning of the creation of a new societal hierarchy. One that was set to be all-inclusive.

B) Foreign Brands Available For Use

Foreign investment increased and more and more companies saw the potential cost and business benefits of setting up in India. Hence, most companies in India can be traced back to beginning operations in 1995. This includes everything from Boomer to Revlon and Lee’s to Levi’s.