‘Yeh kya duffer, yaar?!’ Abhishek Bachchan's Interview Unveils The Pressures Of B-Town Kids

‘Yeh kya duffer, yaar?!’ Abhishek Bachchan's Interview Unveils The Pressures Of B-Town Kids

“…suddenly I started imagining what they must have been talking about me. ‘Yeh kya duffer, yaar?!’ And then I started imagining what the villagers must be thinking. I just started panicking. I did some 17 retakes. I broke almost 20 pots, and I was just a mess.”

This is some part of what Abhishek Bachchan had to share during his interview with Shoojit Sircar when he was asked about the pressure he had to face for being a star kid. His interview and his views opened up the gates to “the pressures of being a kid of a star”.

We take a look in some of the kids of famous kids of Bollywood celebs who were unable to handle the pressure:

1. Varsha Bhosle, daughter of Bollywood singer, Asha Bhonsle

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Varsha Bhosle is the late daughter of singing legend Asha Bhosle. She tried to commit suicide twice- first in 2008 by consuming sleeping pills but survived. The second time, she shot herself in the head on her mother’s 79th birthday.

2. Sidharth, son of Bollywood actor, Kabir Bedi

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Sidharth’s family had always been a troubled one. His father, the handsome hunk, Kabir Bedi, was in involved in numerous extramarital affairs. Sidharth was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and committed suicide in 1997 at the age of 26.

3. Jiyah Khan, daughter of Bollywood actress, Rabiya Amin

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Jiyah Khan described her father’s absence in her life as, “A man who left his daughter when she was two, should be hanged in public.” Betrayal from her dad at such a young age and then add another betrayal from her rumoured boyfriend, Sooraj Pancholi, left little space for Jiyah to breathe.

4. Monika Chaudhary, daughter of ghazal singer Chitra Singh

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The ghazal singing legend, Chitra Singh too faced the pain of losing a child. Monika Chaudhary hung herself from the ceiling fan after suffering two failed marriages.