Why Shows Like 'Sex Education' Need to Have A Center Stage Among The Indian Audience.

Why Shows Like 'Sex Education' Need to Have A Center Stage Among The Indian Audience.

**Parental Advisory is not needed because ‘Sex Education’ is not an alien topic and youth in India is in a dire need to be guided under the same**

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ is the recent release which is highlighting the matters of sex and needs of a young mind through something very responsible.

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The word which is considered a taboo in India and a far from discussion topic, ‘Sex’ is actually a significant thing which is needed to be discussed with the youth from time to time because surprisingly, Indian parents too give birth to their children through this process.


Now, most of you would not even see the show’s trailer because the title has the word sex in it but don’t judge the book by its cover. The show deals with delicate but noteworthy problems of female solidarity and body shaming which are central to today’s teens.

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While Indians are still adjusting to the fact that homosexuality is actually a thing, the show has embraced it with confidence. It also has female leads talking openly about masturbation and female sexuality and that girls too have the urge to get their needs fulfilled.

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Though India too had their own share of the ‘masturbation scenes’, bravely carried by Swara Bhaskar and Kiara Advani but they couldn’t bring out the essentiality among the teens of the same, caught in the fire of shame and debates.


Another topic which steals our hearts away is the abortion scene which becomes the unwanted part of the life of a teenager but doesn’t take over her life as in the case of Indian teenagers. 

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First off, they do not even have the proper guidance under such circumstances and secondly, it destroys the life of the girl with the blot of ‘unwanted’.

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Indians especially the old generation need to understand the fact that all these are the emerging issues of our time which need a generous and loving response to build the youth into strong pillars.