Why Is India Leading Into Darkness And Who Is Accountable?

Why Is India Leading Into Darkness And Who Is Accountable?

We have crossed the threshold of the 21st century with the newest technology in hand and with the most developed intelligence of human being.

But we as Indians are lagging behind in every aspect as a country, yet developing but not aware of our surroundings and needs.

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Even after many alternatives made available to the farmers of Punjab and Haryana, they are using their age-old methods of using fire to burn the residual crops for creating space for the new ones.

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The result of which, the entire North-West region covered under the layer of smoke and fog, which is smog.

The situation in the capital Delhi is much worse than we could ever expect, the air quality is more hazardous than ever and people are breathing this toxic air since long.

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Well, nothing fails more than the logic of people which is out of the understanding of us sane people. People in Delhi, despite the never-ending pollution, are burning crackers with their masks on, which is Irony redefined in its purest form.

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Rs.3000 crores have been recently spent on what is called the “Statue of Unity”, to represent a country, where there is everything except unity among people because of the communalism agenda.

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We all know, being a developing country this money could have been used for a 1000 other, actually useful purposes than this.