Whatt? *This* Fan Barged Into Akshay Kumar's Bungalow?

Whatt? *This* Fan Barged Into Akshay Kumar's Bungalow?

Just when we thought that an actor’s personal space could not be more exposed, we met this creepy fan who has kinda set a whole new level of absurdity.




Apparently, a 20-year-old boy, Ankit Goswami barged into Akshay Kumar’s residence after he was refused to enter by the security guards.



The boy claims himself to be a fan of Akki and came all the way from a small village of Sonipat, Haryana called Datauli.

The Juhu police has arrested this boy for allegedly trespassing Akshay Kumar’s bungalow.


picture credits: https://bit.ly/2Gr8v46


Ankit Goswami specially travelled to Mumbai to meet the B-town's khiladi and after the security guard’s denial to enter the boy decided to jump over the wall to get inside.  

“He climbed the wall at 1.30am and entered. He was spotted by the guards, who got a hold of him and alerted the police,” said an officer. 

According to the reports, the boy found the residential address of the actor through google search, PTI reported.  


picture credis: https://bit.ly/2Gr8v46


“We interrogated him and he told us he is a fan of the actor. He also said that he wants to work in Bollywood,” said another police officer. 

However, post interrogation they cleared that the boy did not have any malicious intentions to trespass Kumar’s bungalow.



Yeah! Yeah.. that is great .. but what about thrashing into somebody's personal space isn't that terrifying enough?!

People really need to understand... Afterall, the actors are also humans only that can demand some privacy at some point of the day atleast.