Vijay Mallya Ki Toh Lagi... UK Court Orders His Extradition!

Vijay Mallya Ki Toh Lagi... UK Court Orders His Extradition!
Vijay Mallya Is Coming Back Home

Remember that song from Fast and Furious that was especially dedicated to Paul Walker- “I’m Coming Home”? An amazing song isn’t it?

Well, the UK court has ordered Vijay Mallya to be extradited back to India and this song seems quite relevant… at least the starting lines. Guess, Mallya won’t be really happy while singing it!

Vijal Mallya is coming back

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Judge Emma Arbuthnot told Mallya, 62, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, “I am ordering your extradition.” She later added, “You may have a long process in front of you,” this was a reference to his appeal rights even though she rejected Mallya’s plea that he was a victim of a witch-hunt. Mallya is still on conditional bail.

Vijay to be extradited to India

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According to the court’s order, “The Supreme Court held that the diversion of funds was in flagrant breach of injunction orders which prevented him from alienating, disposing or creating third party rights in respect of this. Dr Mallya was held in contempt by the Supreme Court. There is clear evidence of dispersal and misapplication of the loan funds and I find a prima facie case (that) Dr Mallya was involved in a conspiracy to launder money.”

The news has grabbed the headlines but what caught our attention was the judge’s lines… “…case of a bank in the thrall of this glamorous, flashy, famous, bejewelled, bodyguarded, ostensibly billionaire playboy who charmed and cajoled these bankers into losing their common sense…”

playboy Vijay Mallya

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Looks like the bankers got quite charmed by Mallya playboy image and were swooning all over him so much that they totally lost their minds to follow the rules of their own bank. Is he really that charming? Because his son clearly isn’t…

Anyways, as the case goes, Mallya had no intentions of returning Rs. 9,000 crore loan that he took and used most of it to fund his Formula 1 team- Force India and to fuel his private jet. And looking by the way the Force India team is performing, we gotta say- Money well spent!

Mallya’s extradition news seems to have spread a joyful smile on the faces of people here in India. Want an example? Check out this tweet by the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Arun Jaitley where he says - “… No one who cheats India goes scot free…”

If Mallya does comes back, it will prove a great boost for PM Narendra Modi during the 2019 elections.