Top 7 Things Indian Serials Need To Stop Doing Right Away!

Top 7 Things Indian Serials Need To Stop Doing Right Away!

Just imagine you get up being normal every day, in typical PJs and suddenly one day you find everything a little over dramatic around you. With your parents fully dressed up even in the middle of the night, and an orchestra in the background for your every dialogue. Indian serials are definitely a little just more than overdramatic. We really need to put a big STOP on the clichés and come up with some quality content.

Here is a list of things you are sure to find in almost every Indian serial:


  1. Poor VFX Skills:

In the Indian serials, there are definitely a few things that we are sure to find in almost all the 7-9PM TV shows. Let’s not start with the term called LOGIC, because you sure won’t find it anywhere.

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Just like their logic, they lack expertise for fixing VFX. They must really stop even trying. Like a woman falling from a superficial 10 feel High Mountain for like an entire 20 minutes episode. There is a song in the background that will be played. Even after the 5-minute song comes to an end, there are like a million breaks in between when she finally falls into a pond in the next episode.


  1. Marriages And Remarriages And Divorces:

An Indian serial is all about the chronicles of an actress or actor. How they fall in love with a person, end up not marrying them, maybe if they do, end up getting a divorce, or their partner dying due to some reason.

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Later the lead again marries someone else, maybe their old love comes back and again divorce and marriage. (Sighhh…)

  1. Kidnapping Is Something We See Every day:

I mean there is always a weeklong episode, on how the protagonist gets kidnapped. I mean we have seen it already, in almost all the serials, please get over KIDNAPPING guys!

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  1. If You Are Pregnant Your Child Is Definitely Getting Lost Or Kidnapped:

God forbid if any actress is pregnant, there would never be a normal delivery and a happy ever after. There definitely has to be some kind of mishap story around the pregnant lady. Either she will lose her baby in some misfortunate accident, or some evil relative will kidnap the kid. Let’s not make it that common guys!

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  1. Grandmother Live For Like Forever:

I mean if you actually calculate, the Baa in KYUKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI, was love a hundred years. They had skipped and forwarded the show for like 5-6 times, that too with a 5- 10 years gap. Baa who was already over 70 was still there for god knows how many years.

  1. An Evil Bua (Unmarried Or Living With Her Brother):

An Indian TV show is mostly incomplete without an evil Bua, who stays with her brother.

She is most concerned about what is happening in her brother’s kid’s life. And mostly the serial is all about how she plans and plots new things to take some age-old revenge.

  1. Over Enthusiasm Over Festivals:

Be it any festival, we find them best celebrated in the Indian TV shows. Like making a hundred day series on one single festival. This really needs to STOP. There is like a torturous slow-mo ritual, which takes place for like a week.

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