Top 6 No-So-Boring Gifts To Give Your Friends This New Year Eve

Top 6 No-So-Boring Gifts To Give Your Friends This New Year Eve
New Year gifts

It’s the last week of the year and while everyone is busy preparing for the new year eve party, some of us are racking our brains on figuring out to what to gift our lovely, delightful, amazing, ‘Kamine’, friends! Pretty hard task, isn’t it? Yeah, we’ve been there, done that! That’s why we won’t let you sit and sulk and buy a boring photo frame or a pack of chocolates after spending a useless half an hour on the search.

Here’s our list of top 5 New Year gifts for your ‘dear’ friends

Quirky Lamps


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Most of us think about revamping and adding a touch of quirky and funky in our home décor but don’t really find that right thing to do so. Well, here it is- A quirky, funky lamp that will add the right zing to your friend’s boring home.

Drinking kits, party game

Drinking kit

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You know your friend is going to throw a house party every Saturday night and you also know that it’s going to be boring as usual. Why not take the initiative to liven it up? Gift your friend a party game and see that party turning into an amazing night to remember.

Projector Tables for kids

Projector tables for kids

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We know you don’t like your friend’s nosy little kids who keep stabbing you with a pencil and pulling your hair like its candy floss. But they are kids, lovely and full of innocence, though ‘innocence’ is not the word that springs into your mind when you see them, anyways, gift them a projector table this New Year Eve so that they stay busy the next year to let you enjoy some peaceful time with your friends.

Photo Booth props and boards

Photo Booth props

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All your party pics are full of your drunk-ass friends falling here and there. They are funny, we agree but why not try something different and get some really cool, over-the-top pics with these photo booth props and boards? Group selfies are no more boring and simple. You’re welcome!

Dairy and Pen Kit

Diary and pen kit

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Yeah, we know what you’re thinking- “They said earlier no boring gifts, and here they are, suggesting the old-fashioned dairy and pen kit. Bloody hypocrites!” We don’t blame you but the thing is, diary and pen kit is a fail-safe option you can give to anyone from your boss to your teacher to your dear friend who hates to write (cool memorabilia).

Quirky Hoodie


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It’s winters up in the north and you don’t want your delightful North Indian friends to catch a cold, do you? So, get them a not-so-simple hoodie that will not only keep them warm but will also make them a centre of attraction (good for that ‘always single’ friend).