Top 10 most unusual places for travel enthusiasts

Top 10 most unusual places for travel enthusiasts

Obscure and strange destinations are the adventure heaven for those who are passionate about exploring themselves in the abode of bizarreness. Few out of those many are:

1) The Skeleton Lake.

The skeletons of human remains are visible in the Roopkund lake of Uttarakhand, at the time of the year when ice melts. These frames supposedly belong to the 9th century men who were caught in a hailstorm. Well, that would scare a frail-hearted to the bone.

2) The Lost Land.

Dhanushkodi, an abondoned land in Tamil Nadu, was severely destroyed by a cyclone, leading to inhabitation. It has a mythological connection too. Apparently, Adam’s Bridge created by Lord Ram’s army was constructed on this spot and later shattered. Seems like Ram Setu needs to save us from this ‘Kalyug’ too.

3) Phugtal Gompa.

Popularly known as Phuktal, it is a Buddhist Monastery known as 'cave of liberation’. The monks travelled places looking for tranquility when they discovered it. An absolutely apt place for all those who want to take time off their monotonous stressful schedules.

4) Bullet Baba’s Temple.

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Legends have that Om Banna of Rajasthan was travelling on a bullet one day when he collided with a tree in a fatal accident. The infamous 'bullet’ returned back to the site, despite the efforts of local police making it a miraculous worshipping site for the followers. This 'Ghost Rider’ seems rather haunting than auspicious.

5) Lonar Crater Lake.

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This mysterious lake came into existence 52,000 years ago in Maharashta, with a meteor crashing on earth. The stunning beauty is still unexplored by many because of its mind-boggling characters that even bewildered NASA on its capabilities.

6) Floating Lake.

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Loktak lake, listed in the Montreux record, is the only floating lake in the whole world. The land is basically decomposed plant material; phumdis, but that does'nt reduce the magnificence of its scenic beauty.

7) Magnetic Hill.

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India’s most astonishing optical illusion, 'Magnetic Hill’ in Leh Ladakh is now attracting more tourists than ever. The theories backing this phenomenon include; Gravitational pull and the layout of the hills that deceives the human eyes. Folks say that those people who deserved heaven were pulled upwards directly. What better way for a wanderer to experience heaven?

8) Living Root Bridges.

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Nature is God’s most powerful weapon. What can better justify it than these age old bridges that makes human life easier in Meghalaya. These are the result of the twin efforts of Mankind and Mother Earth, making it a strong example of India’s natural influence.

9)Barren Island.

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The only active Indian volcano’s first eruption, which is situated in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, dates back to 1.6 million years ago. The lava is benign as it is tested by the NIO scientists. The volcano was lying dormant from the past 150 years till 1991. Travellers looking for adventure must definitely strike while the iron’s hot.

10) The Whispers of the Dead.

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One of the most haunted places in India, Dumas Beach in Gujarat, supposedly has the scariest outline of evil spirits roaming on the beach and the whispering; which is heard after midnight. A photographer confirmed with the Orbs theory, concluding that this beach has signs of paranormal activites. I do not stand a ghost of a chance to visit it, do you own the guts?