The Return of Bigg Boss.

The Return of Bigg Boss.
Despise it or love it, you cannot be oblivious to it. The Bigg Boss series has become the God of reality shows in India and the fans preach it with all their heart and soul. With its new season on the cards, Indian audiences are exhilarated again for their everyday 9-10 amusement. But the one thing the disciples love the most (apart from the steamy romance) is the insane and aggressive fights (which are basically scripted),

But Logic and Indian TV never complimented each other anyways.

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There’s not been a single season in which a person is not hired to demolish the peace of the house and the inmates.
Whether it be the infamous Rakhi Sawant or the speaker-mouth, Dolly Bindra; everytime a jester comes into the house and amazes everybody with his/her blabberish talks resulting in the show’s TRP’s.
The famous fights include: *Between Manoj Tiwari and Dolly Bindra with her now evergreen dialouge ‘Baap pe mat jaana’,
*Swami Om spattering 'urine’ on the housemates, *Kamal R Khan throwing a bottle at Rohit,
*Karishma Tanna torturing Gautam Gulati with 'red chillies’ and his enraged reaction,
*Again, Dolly Bindra and Shweta Tiwari’s intense fight.
All this plus the melodrama created by almost everyone on the set (for apparently no reason at all).
The biggest irony is that Salman Khan hosts this show almost every season.
No doubt he chooses to do movies like Race 3 and serve the half-witted audience who are also the followers of the show.