The Best Moments From Oscars 2019 In Case You Missed Them.

The Best Moments From Oscars 2019 In Case You Missed Them.

From slipping on the stage to announcing the wrong winner, Oscars have always been known for its little oops moments but majorly those important ones and wins which become news altogether for many days to come.

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This year’s ‘host-less’ Oscars were no different and as it always is, garnered the much deserved front page of the newspapers and our mobile’s screens.

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Here are some of the best moments and historical wins which left us all in a state of gladness along with bewilderment.

A proud moment for all the Indians as ‘Period. End of Sentence’ won the Best Documentary Short. The documentary was shot in India and produced by the path-breaking Guneet Monga. The rare win of India and that too a film about menstruation, at the Oscars left everybody thrilled.

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s sensational performance of the ‘Shallow’ and their over-the-top chemistry in front of Cooper’s wife became the major highlight of the show.

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This year was the year of Diversity at the Oscars. People of color were given recognition and three from the acting category itself.

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Billy Porter broke stereotypes with his red carpet tuxedo along with a skirt. He indeed grabbed all the eye balls at the red carpet. 

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Chris Evans helping Regina King get her award for the Best Supporting Actress shows that chivalry isn’t dead yet. Take lessons, you boys.

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Rami Malek won the Best Actor Award for his role of Freddie Mercury in one of the most loved movies, ‘The Bohemian Rhapsody’. Not only was this his first Oscar but also his first nomination. Way to go Rami!!

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Spike Lee finally won an Oscar after his 33-year long career in feature films and the peak of his delight showed how much it mattered to him.

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