Tats For Couples To Flaunt This V-Day

Tats For Couples To Flaunt This V-Day
Tats For Couples

Well, Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching. There are exactly 22 days till the V-Day arrives and the cupids have already started flying high. So, our lovey-dovey, cute ‘couplies’, have you guys got your plans together or are still waiting for Valentine’s week to start? We’ll leave the single people out for this one (sorry guys, but you can go through the article, we definitely won’t mind that). Back to the couples… How long have you two been together? Are you guys serious enough to declare your love out to the world? Ready to tell them that yes you love this person more than anything else and will spend the rest of your life with them?

 If the answer to all these questions (except the first one) is a rock solid and in bold letters YES, then we have something for you. How about a cute tattoo for a couple which is unique to you and says loud and clear that you are theirs? We bring to a small collection of some really cute tats that you and your partner can take inspiration from and flaunt two yourselves this Valentine’s Day.

puzzle pieces

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2RTV7vB

origami fishes

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Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2RJ6KGm

mickey and minnie

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2FJCmFk

feet tat

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Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2Mn3oCR

king and queen

Picture Credit:https://bit.ly/2T7AOrV

nautical tat

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love birds

Picture Credithttps://bit.ly/2Wc69vw