Tanushree Slams Miss Blabber Sawant: I am Not A Drug Addict, Definitely Not A Lesbian!

Tanushree Slams Miss Blabber Sawant: I am Not A Drug Addict, Definitely Not A Lesbian!
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Tanushree’s allegation that got all the limelight recently in the movement is back with another update. Tanushree’s allegations on Nana Patekar about the sexual misconduct for his end has left the Indian audience in shock! She had claimed that he made her so uncomfortable on the sets of the movie, ‘Horn OK Pleassss’ in 2008 that she had to walk out of the sets and eventually leave the film. Rakhi Sawant was booked for the movie as her replacement.

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Tanushree being quite vocal about what had happened didn’t fear away to also thrash Rakhi Sawant for disgracing her #MeToo movement as an act of publicity. The passive media thrashing had brought the two actresses into the spark war of words. In order to make a valid point Miss. Rakhi went on to blabber something out of the line which later got her into trouble. Tanushree responded by slapping a Rs 10 crore defamation suit on her for calling her a liar and a drug addict.

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Rakhi didn’t limit herself to this she further held a press conference in which she accused Tanushree of raping her multiple times 12 years ago. She also addressed her as 'a man from the inside’ and a lesbian.

If that wasn’t enough, following that statement Miss. Blabber Sawant revealed to media that Tanushree took her to rave parties and forced her to consume drugs. Well, her attire and sense of expression were quite enough to judge who's right and who is not but still let’s see how Tanushree Dutta now reacted to this. To one end she is claiming she has also been a victim of this saddening incident and to other end she is uploading bizzare videos about #MeToo movement! 

Now, Tanushree has released her response to the statement, "For those uninitiated in the art of guerrilla war tactics: Smear campaigns never run fair or square. So just to set the record straight: I'm not a drug addict, I don't smoke or drink and I'm most definitely not a lesbian,"  she said. 
She further added, “I was too much of a woman for this ‘patriarchal and misogynistic cesspool to handle’. This is why Rakhi was making such "perverted character assassination attempts" to silence me. It's clearly not working. Let's not make a mockery (sic) of such a serious movement that can potentially bring positive changes of mindset in our society,"

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Let's see how is it going to turn this time, as it is getting more and more twisted with time. hoping that the real victim gets the justice and the one making a mockery out of this gets a reality check very soon.