Take A Look At Some Of World's Biggest Cruise Ships

Take A Look At Some Of World's Biggest Cruise Ships
Biggest cruise ships

How long are you gonna sit in those crappy office chairs of yours in your 4x4 cubicles and just dream about going on a vacay? Yeah, yeah, we know what you guys are gonna say… We don’t have the money right now; Boss won’t give me leave and blah, blah. We have heard them all but we’re gonna advice you that you start saving right now because what’s coming ahead will blow you away. Ready? You can check out more trending lifestyle articles here.

We present to you a list of the biggest and the most extravagant cruise ships in the whole world.

1) Silver Muse- Welcome aboard the Silver Muse. Once you are on it, you’ll know that this ship is straight from the future. This ship, built in 2017 and accommodating 596 people on board, is the largest in Silversea’s fleet of 9. Hop on and it will take you from the sunny seashore of Sydney, Australia to the wild and green landscapes of New Zealand.

Silver muse belongs to Silversea's fleet of 9

Picture Credit: http://bit.ly/2HWc5F1

2) Symphony of the Seas- Have a taste for large and bold things in life? Ahem, not bedroom stuff, guys! Don’t let your dirty minds wander off. Symphony of the Seas, built in 2018, is the largest passenger ship in the whole world. (That gives us another title to work one- largest ship in the world). She is an Oasis-class cruise ship and is operated by the Royal Caribbean International. She, along with Harmony of the Seas, is a part of a luxurious cruise ship fleets managed by the RCI.

Symphony of the seas is the part of luxurious cruise ship fleet by RCI

Picture Credit: http://bit.ly/2G0cpAj

3) Seabourn Ovation- It is the sister ship to the Seabourn Encore and joined the fleet in May 2018. She is managed by Seabourn Cruise Line. This majestic ship has the highest space to guest ratio when compared to other ships in this cruise line. With a length of 690 feet and width of 97 feet, Ovation has a humongous space for the fitness centre, the retreat, a lounge for a night under the stars and countless other offerings.

Seabourn Ovation is managed by Seabourn Cruise Line

Picture Credit: http://bit.ly/2UzmcoS

4) Seven Seas Explorer- She went on her maiden voyage on the evening of July 13, 2016. Seven Seas Explorer is managed by Regent Seven Seas Cruise. Explorer takes pleasing its guests seriously. So what do you want on your luxurious cruise? An outdoor pool? Check! Fitness Centre? Check! Jogging Track? Check! Golf Cage, putting green or any other recreational activity? Just hold on to your glass of Pina Colada and let the crew guide you along.

Seven Seas Explorer is managed by Regent Seven Seas

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2OK31Dw

5) Riviera- When the ship itself is named Riviera, you gotta believe that the whole cruise is gonna be a classy affair. The ship was launched in 2011, it has a capacity to host 1250 passengers. Riviera will take you from the scenic coasts of Greece to the sun-soaked sides of Italy. Sun deck, salon, wellness area with sauna, steam room, they have everything to take care of your needs.

Riviera Cruise Ship takes you from Greece to Italy

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2Vh4Avc

6) Harmony of the Seas- Don’t worry if you missed out on going to Disneyland because this beautiful ship has a theme park vibe to it. On-Cruise entertainment is something that you won’t find anywhere else. Royal Caribbean International manages her and makes sure she is keeping her guests happy and frolicking on her deck.

Harmony of the Seas along with her sister, Symphony of the seas is managed by RCI

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2K2xC0x

7) Scenic Eclipse- The epitome of luxury river cruising! You won’t see a huge crowd onboard unlike other cruise ships. No, Sir! Instead, you’ll be treated like a celeb along with just 228 other guests. If you want yourself to be pampered in luxurious style and class, this is your pick. But you can well understand that this pampering will come at a cost, a huge cost!

Scenic Eclipse is the epitome of luxury river cruising.

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2HVMbkB

8) Queen Mary 2-This cruise ship is the 21st-century look-alike of the Titanic. She may not be large like the other cruise ships but she is certainly one of the most recognizable and luxurious of them all. Onboard her, you’ll go through the western Pacific as she takes you from Southampton, England to New York, United States.

Queen Mary 2 is the closest you can get to see Titanic today

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2uLtV4I

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