Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends For Men

Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends For Men

The summer heat is on and well, everyone is looking for shade. And also, our shades are out, protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays while offering that 100% dose of extra swag to our personality. But while many of us are already sporting the coolest sunglasses, some are still looking for the right ones.

And thus, here we are, with a short list of sunglasses styles that you must know before you go shopping irrespective of best sunglasses brand. While sunglasses 2018 had some really cool shades for men, we check out the 2019 sunglasses styles.

Here we go:

Round Sunglasses

john lennon made round sunglasses a hit

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John Lennon was probably the first person to pull these off and it’s probably why round sunglasses worked on him so well… because he was John Lennon! But that doesn’t mean you have to sulk in the corner because you, a mere human, can pull these off too.

Round sunglasses are in this summers

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Cutler and Gross design director Marie Wilkinson says, “Round Sunglasses are a must for this season with the best examples combining acetate arms and metal fronts. “Those with square- and diamond-shaped faces would best suit these frames, as circular designs work best on those with natural angles.”

Geometric Sunglasses

geometric sunglasses best suits the ones with round face shape

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Men with round face structure, we know the struggle is real for you guys. But these geometric sunglasses are the perfect fit for you peeps. Geometric frames not only add structure to your face due to their shape but since these are not-so-discreet angular shaped shades, chances are ‘aere-gaere’ people won’t be seen wearing these. Chances for you to stand out in the crowd!

geometric sunglasses are good option to stand out of the crowd

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Reiss brand stylist Paul Higgins shares his thoughts, “Geometric-shape shades – whether they are square or hexagonal- offer an easy way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.” “Because of their shape, subtlety is key, so be sure to choose thin frames and classic colours.”

Colourful Sunglasses

colourful sunglasses are there to bring freshness in your collection

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Now we all know and understand that sunglasses have to be consistently wearable with most of our outfits. But if you already have a bunch of cool and classy sunglasses, new colourful and even sports sunglasses may add to your collection.

They go well with polo t-shirts and shorts

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“The colours of current styles are bright and popping, and the best examples use the same colour on the entire design,” says Lauren van der Kolk, head of product design at Ace & Tate. Adding more, “With lenses tinted on the same colours as the frames, they’re perfect for seeing life in yellow, red and blue.”

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators have always been in and out

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Marie Wilkinson shares about the aviator, “Popular for decades and known as the original pilot’s sunglasses, aviators are making a big comeback.” “This time, the main update is that they are predominantly made in acetate, with a single brow bridge for extra fashion nous.”

Aviators will be back in the trend

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Aviators have always been present, since your grandpa’s time. But they’ve had that 'in and out' status, they’ll be in trend one time and then take a backseat while other trends hit the roof and the shine in the limelight again.

Nineties Sunglasses

nineties are a tricky trend and you must be careful

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A period that saw some extremely strange and wacky style, men should be really careful when you pick a sunglass from this era.

If you go wrong with nineties, you'll be a butt of jokes

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Gordon Richie, managing director of Kirk Originals says, “Men are harking back to the sunglasses designs of the early nineties, to the styles that people wore when luxury brands and London street style collided and were all worn together for the first time.”

Top Bar Sunglasses

top bar sunglasses are bolder versions of aviators

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The top bar sunglasses are more outspoken and “Oh, look at me!” designs than any other designs that are currently trending. But that doesn’t stop you from trying these bad boys out. These are basically more outright versions of aviators but have recently gone their own way. With a great range of designs and layouts, we guarantee you’ll find more than one frame of your liking.

They not at all subtle in design and demand attention

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These were the sunglass trends of 2019, check these out and you’ll be rocking a swagger summer. Check out Befazool manoranjan for more lifestyle articles.