Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 8 (As A Guest)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 8 (As A Guest)
manners maketh man part-8

As discussed in Part-7, we Indians are pretty good at playing host because it’s in our genes, right? But what about playing a guest? Yep, being a respectable guest is not easy too. Now before you knock on the door with a box full of ‘Soen-papdi’ and walk over the carpet, spilling mud from your shoes. Here, are some basic rules of etiquettes on how to play the perfect guest. (Part-8)

Let’s begin.

1. You are cordially invited at your friend’s home. Do you show up empty handed? Don’t be a douche even if they are your friends from childhood, a box of sweets is always appreciated. Or if you and your friends are drinkers, a nice bottle of ‘Ballentines’ is always a yes-yes.

2. Always, always, always offer to help with lunch or dinner or anything for that matter. Don’t be a lazy arse and do nothing except leaving your butt prints on the cushion while your host is busy doing the chores. We know your host won’t tell you to work but the thought is appreciated.

A perfect guest

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3. Are you staying for the night? If you are, then how about not turning the guest-room into a zoo? No wet towels on the floor, no smelly socks in the corners of the room.

4. Time for some house-rules check! Get yourself familiar with the house rules. Shoes or no shoes inside the house? Which door needs to be closed and locked? These are important if you want to make your stay stress-free on the host.

A guest

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5. Do not arrive before time. You don’t want to freak your hosts out.

6. In a similar fashion, do not overstay your welcome, unless you don’t want to be invited again.

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7. If your friend or your date has invited you to come to a party with them. Keep in mind not to get drunk or get into a fight or do anything that embarrasses the person who brought you.

8. We Indians love food. There’s no second thought about it. But when you are heading to a party, don’t go there empty stomach just so you could attack the buffet area. No one is stopping you from eating, the host arranged all of it for you to enjoy. But never, ever be that guy planted by the food table. Or the person whose plate looks like Mt. Everest of food.

A guest at a party

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9. After you’re done eating, don’t just stand there while your host picks up the dirty dishes and drench themselves elbow deep in them. Pick up the dishcloth and start drying. You could also clear the table and if you start drooling again, they might pack the food items for you to take home. Win-win!

10. It’s time to leave now. If you stayed for the night, strip the bed and offer to load the sheet in the washing machine. If you came with your partner, make sure you leave when they leave.  Why would a guest of the guest stay longer than the actual guest? And when you do leave, smile, hug and say thank you for hosting you.

Thank you

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Simple isn’t it? Being a modern gentleman is not tough. Keep in mind these rules of etiquettes the next time you are invited as a guest. Click for Part-1.