Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 6 (Netiquettes)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 6 (Netiquettes)
manners maketh man part-6

The world of the internet and social media is more public and visible than your actual world. These public interactions you have shows up on everybody’s feed. And everybody can see what you’re doing or trying to do. Trying to get into someone’s DM or finding your place in a group convo. You gotta know the right etiquettes to do so. This is rules of etiquettes Part-6 (Netiquettes)

Let’s get started.

1. Stepping into the fascinating and popular world of social media? First things first- learn about the privacy policy before you go jolly with your pictures. How is it beneficial for you when your boss or future boss sees your drunk & naked dance video from college?

2. Do you guys remember in our office etiquettes list, we said about how one spends the most part of their life with office colleagues? Of course, you don’t! Yes, we said something like that and now that you’re close to your colleagues you might be thinking of adding them to social media. What could possibly go wrong, right? Well, just be careful when you do so because somethings cannot be unseen.


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3. Is swearing your second nature? It might be OK offline when you’re drinking away the night with your homers but it certainly is not OK online.

4. Just like a gentleman never gets into an argument offline, one should not get into an online argument too, simple. Not everyone has the level of understanding as you do and there is no point indulging in an argument that will only turn into a 'curse war' two seconds later. Whatever you say, will be taken in a wrong way. That too by not just the person you’re arguing with but with the whole world every darn time!

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5. Are you in a habit of tagging people in all your pics even if they don’t want to be? Change this habit. And don’t post any picture where you look good while your pal doesn’t or in worst case scenario, your partner doesn’t.

6. It’s in your and everybody else’s favour to keep your political agendas to yourself. You’ll be amazed to know that not many want to hear your political rants. Basically, you’re helping people in your social media circle to put their backs up.

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7. Did you and your partner become new parents to a cute child? Well, congratulations! But keep in mind, not everyone is interested in your baby as much as you are.

8. Its Friday night and you’re having a blast drinking with your pals. Awesome! But don’t go posting your drunk pics online. It’s the online equivalent of drunk dialling.

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9. There’s nothing really good about shooting friend request to people who don’t know you personally. If you seriously know them then write a small note who you are. And in case you are actually sending out a friend request to anyone randomly, don’t be surprised if they don’t respond.

10. Are you really that ‘vella’ to scroll down through someone’s really ancient pics and posts? Even if you are, don’t like or comment on these posts. It seems like you’re stalking them.

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So there, the 10 rules of etiquettes for the world of social media. These are pretty easy to follow. Keep them in your mind and we’ll see you in Part-7. For more latest trending lifestyle articles, top and trending stories, click here.