Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 5 (Style)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 5 (Style)
Manners Maketh Man Part 5

And we are back with part-5 of Rules of Etiquettes. Today, we’re gonna discuss on matters of style. Yep, when it comes to a gentleman, style is of utmost importance. Some of you might think that good etiquettes do not have to depend on your clothes. We agree with that, but there are fine links between good etiquettes and a good dressing. There are a lot of finer things like what to wear and what not to because you cannot wear your favourite ‘Hipster’ hoodie with distressed jeans to a wedding. Check the rules of etiquettes Part-4 here.

Let’s start then…

1, For years, wearing a hat indoors was considered rude and ill-mannered. Today, when the caps are back in a rage with more precise cut and style, taking them off indoors is not much of a hard-n-fast rule now. All you have to do is use your head where to wear them or take them off.

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2. Ever been invited to an event or occasion where it says “Black Tie optional”? We see a lot of nods there. So, what did you wear? Well, it said optional so you probably relaxed and wore whatever you wished to. That’s a totally wrong approach, gents. It just means you could either opt for a dinner suit or a dark one. Nothing else.

3. Are you in a habit of advising every next person about what they are wearing? You think its fine and you’re helping others. No! Here’s how it looks from the other person’s perspective: “I don’t like what you’re wearing. Here’s what you should do!” You got the point, we guess.


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4. A gentleman never shies away from complimenting someone. Your simple words of a compliment can make someone’s day. If your pal is wearing a nice outfit, compliment them for it. But do not out and out copy them. Ask them before you buy the same outfit.

5. So, you guys fancy sunglasses? Did you buy a new pair and wear it All The Time! Good, but take them off indoors and at night! No arguing.

6. There’s always one guy who gets the whole group turned away at a formal place because he thought running shoes ‘chal jayenge’. Don’t be that guy!

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7. A good tailor is important. He will understand your needs and advise you on fitting and fabrics. And while we’re talking about tailoring, know your measurements like you know your bae’s. Again, there’s no ‘chalega’ and fitting is of utmost importance. Shun this attitude!

8. Time to head to the event, but you’re not really sure how formal it is. So what do you wear? The best bet is to dress up rather than dress down. It’s always better to be the only guy in a shirt and tie rather than the only guy in T-shirt and ripped jeans.

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9. You know that at a wedding, no female guest should wear white so as to draw the attention away from the bride. As a gentleman, you should follow the same rule. What do we mean by that? Well, the groom too, though not as much time as the bride, spent a lot of time to get the perfect suit to stand at the end of the aisle and wait for his bride. Avoid crossing the line with him on the style front.

10. If your partner asks if that outfit is looking good on them or not, remember, it always does.

These were the rule of etiquettes on the matter of style. Keep these in mind and we’ll be back with part 6.