Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 3 (GYM)

Rules of Etiquettes for Modern Gentleman: Part 3 (GYM)
Manners Maketh Man Part-3

So, fellow gentlemen, how are your etiquettes lessons going? Till now, we have covered about etiquettes in day-to-day life and in your office. Now, you have finished a hard day at the office, it's time to hit the gym and get your body on shape. Let’s talk about how you should behave at a gym. Yes, our dear male (and female) readers, gym etiquettes are a thing and you must learn them. Click for Part 2

Gym exercises

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Here we go...

1. You just completed a set of bench-pressing and are taking a breather, so you open your Facebook and start catching up on those interesting feeds. Doesn’t sound harmful, does it? Well, you’re hogging the machine, so stop it, right away! If the gym is busy, let someone else use the machine between your sets and stop playing on your phone.

2. Have you completed your round on a bench? Time to hit the other machine! Hold on dude, who’s going to clean that beautiful, sweaty imprint of your saggy butt? Yes, YOU!

Gym etiquettes

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3. Do you see those barbells fallen on the floor? Wonder how they got there from above the rack? Well, a jerk threw them on the floor after 10mins of grunting satisfyingly in front of the mirror and admiring those gains. Don’t be that jerk! Anyone can trip over them and hurt themselves, so keep those barbells back in their places after you’re done grunting.

4. Taking the above point a bit further… Do not scream and throw your weights on the floor at the end of a set like Hulk. You do smell green like him but you aren’t one.

5. Those big floor-to-ceiling mirrors are the perfect ones to check your gains, isn’t it? No, they are for studying your form. And we most certainly don't mean the horseshoe shape of your triceps.

Checking your gains

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6. So, you have down the rest of your exercises with full dedication (we’re just assuming) and now it’s time for the kettlebell routine. You pick up your kettlebell and start doing it right next to the treadmills- You see where this is going? No? Okay, those swings of kettlebell make it look like a level in a video game those poor treadmill runners have to pass through. Not a good environment to replicate, so why don’t you find your space and leave others to theirs?

7. Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Stay clean and wear clean clothes. You can see your gains flex, that’s good, but nobody wants or deserves the waft of your gains when you raise your arms to do a rep. Keep your gym kit clean and empty it after every use.

Gym freaks

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8. Stay out of the lifter’s “bubble”. Until and unless you are spotting them, keep your distance from anyone who is using the squat rack, bench or lifting platform.

9. Never, ever stare!

10. Last… and certainly an important one (we just didn’t want to use that phrase) - Do not throw yourself on someone and share your word of wisdom on how to do that particular exercise. And if someone shares their piece of mind with you, simply smile and continue doing the exercise like the way you were doing before that jackass showed up.

Stay tuned for Part-4