Privileges you had in school that you don't have as an adult!

Privileges you had in school that you don't have as an adult!

Remember that little conversation you'd have in your head? "I can't wait to grow up and have a life!" Don't feel the same anymore? Well, of course that's because you took it all for granted! Here's a walk down some of the best times you ever had in your life:

1. Getting rewarded by your parents for every little achievement:

Remember how every little accomplishment turned into a celebration? Winning a race, or even a consolation— you had every reason to kick-back and celebrate!  

2. Stickers and stars from the teacher!

Any work wasn't just rewarded at home, it was rewarded at school too! And of course that always meant a double reward when we went home.  

3. The substitute boss for the day!

Getting substitute teacher's meant having someone who would allow you to do (mostly) anything outside the class's everyday regime!!  

4. Seeing your friends every day.

Now this one's something we took for granted— When was the last time, you could have all your close friends around you, all in the same room and all at the same time?!  

5. Just Copy, paste and save yourself!

Remember that feeling of ease when the answer key was right there, available to you — and all your hands had to do was work the magic? Try that stuff as a grown up.... Yep, No.  

6. Your caffeine-free body!

Remember the days when you were a hyperactive charged battery, ready to get through the day after that one cup of *non caffeinated* anything!? Well, we didn't think we were ever going to lose that energy did we?  

7. What's sick leave!??

All you had to do was not go. Ah, what care free days!  

8. Picking the OOTD :

No one cared what you looked like in school because it was school! HAH! Try being care-free in your ever awaited adult world!     Share with us! What do you miss the most!?  tag us with #befazoolschooldays and let us know!