Prashasti Singh's Hilarious Reality-Check Got Us All ROFL For Real!

Prashasti Singh's Hilarious Reality-Check Got Us All ROFL For Real!

One of the best discoveries for which we are thankful to ‘Comicstaan’ has to be this badass comedian, Prashasthi Singh... 

The girl never fails to explain the dark and unfortunate side of life with massive sprinkles of humor upon it. 

Be it her iconic ‘Comicstaan’ hilarious sets that got all recognition to her talent or the one she recently performed... this girl is efficiently killing it on stage! 

Yes! Prashasti is back with her satire on the types of people, parents in life and the *amazing* life one leads in the corporate world, and we bet you wouldn’t relate more to each scenario... 

The bit here is basically a smart promotional activity for a show which is even out with its season 2, 'The Marvellous, Mrs. Maisel' that is currently streaming on the 'Amazon Prime Video' and is its original series...

So, her take this time seems more of a friendly conversation and narration about her life, which by the way, will tickle your funny bone for real. 

Let's have a look at the best highlights of her set that is a sad reality check with a humorous pat on everyone’s back! 


1. The Major Two Type Of People: EXPLAINED!


2. The Moderate And Extremist Parents: 


3.  In Pursuit of Perfect Damaad!!


4. The Trick To Tackle Rishtedar: Cracked!


5. Corporate Employee = Qaidi: PROVED!!


In case you've missed this hilarious bit by Miss. Prashasti Singh, Here, have a look: