On This World Earth Day, Take A Look At Earth From Up Above

On This World Earth Day, Take A Look At Earth From Up Above
World Earth Day

It’s the World Earth Day and as we unite to pledge to save our beautiful planet, let’s take a look at some of the amazing pics of earth Forbes shared on their official website.

Photographing the curvature of the earth has become really cheap and anybody can do it. Check out this picture of the curvature taken by an MIT student during his project in 2009.

Earth's curvature

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2IAjzxu

International Space Station circling in the low-Earth orbit gives some of the best views of this blue ball.

View from the ISS

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2XBFZlD

Dormant and active volcanoes on this earth can be viewed from the International Space Station.

Volcanoes big and small

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2GzTAUU

Snaking through the face of the earth, seen here is one of Amazon River’s tributaries.

Amazon's tributary

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2XsII0s

Patagonian glaciers of South America are among the fastest shrinking and disappearing glaciers. You can’t deny the sheer beauty of this view though.

Patagonian glacier of South America is quickly melting away

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2PkO0bA

Features generally found in clouds over the oceans, occurs when air moves at different speeds relative to one another in different regions. You must have seen similar features on Saturn and Jupiter.

Cloud features formed over oceans

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2vdzoBG

Lakes from above appear different coloured depending on the nature of organisms and minerals present in them.

lakes with different kind o f organism and minerals have different colours

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2vevAAh

Richat Structure, the dome of a volcano collapses, revealing the different portions of the earth from inside.

Richat structure, revealing the inside of earth

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2UwuGcj

How many of us knew that the process of decaying could be a beautiful process too? Atolls show the exact beauty of erosion and life.

Atolls showing the beauty of erosion and life.

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2ZrWmD9

A view of our atmosphere shows the various layers as sunlight passes through them.

the different layers of atmosphere as sunlight passes through

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2XxrK1a

Planet Earth, as viewed from the GOES-13 satellite.

Earth, a beautiful blue ball

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2XxrK1a

The first view of earth from the surface of the moon. When astronauts clicked the images of earth from the moon, the moment remains to be one of the most iconic moments in the history of mankind.

Earth from the surface of the moon

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2Gqtouw

An image taken by Voyager 1 spacecraft on its way away from the earth. Seen here are earth and moon in one frame for the first time.

Earth and the moon in one frame by Voyager 1

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2IvGpq4

As we move farther, the earth seems to be a featureless, indistinct sphere. Here seen from the Messenger spacecraft in orbit around Mercury.

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2DsPvjl

Cassini spacecraft took this image with Sun hidden behind the Saturn. If one looks closely, you can spot the Earth-moon system.

Earth-moon system close by the saturn and its rings

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2Gzpocp

A narrow-angle colour image of the Earth called the ‘Pale Blue Dot’. It is a part of the first ever ‘portrait’ of the solar system taken by Voyager 1.

From the edge of the Solar system

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2KT0I2J