Mind-Blowing Memes Of ‘THAI THAI’ That Took Internet By A Toll

Mind-Blowing Memes Of ‘THAI THAI’ That Took Internet By A Toll

Recently what UP police did has taken the Internet by a toll. People just cannot get enough of the video that was leaked online recently. 

Including songs mashups, memes and what not you name it we have it trending like fire today. 

I mean just imagine a serious scenario where robbers, thieves or terrorists are running and they shout on the top of their voices, “thai thai” instead of firing. Nothing can beat the humor from such a serious situation.

Internet today has its own way to put their opinion on such situations. Here is a list of memes that went viral after the ‘THAI THAI’ incident.

Thain thain, he shot me down
Thain thain, I hit the ground
Thain thain, that awful sound
Thain thain, UP cop shot me down. https://t.co/iKdIfG6bRz

— #ish (@WhatMenBugger) 15 October 2018


Credits: https://me.me/i/facebook-com-facebook-havnt-made-one-with-this-dude-209899

​ ​

UP police after success of thain thain pic.twitter.com/OvEgtFJYBW

— Hridesh rajput (@Hrideshrajput1) 18 October 2018
Credits: https://www.viralbake.com/thain-thain-memes/

Thain Thain meets PUBG