Lisa's Response For Trolling Her On Her Motherhood Just Owned Everything!

Lisa's Response For Trolling Her On Her Motherhood Just Owned Everything!
Lisa slams troll

Although, social media never fails to keep us entertained throughout the day, they have their shortcomings as well... 

Now, humorous memes, post, tweets are all awesome unless it is purposely created to put down someone or hurt their feelings.

And ohh! 

We cannot deny the fact that the internet holds a huge lot of trolls who are just there to diss the existence of others... 

So, we recently came across another such Instagram user who word-attacked Indian actor and model, Lisa Haydon on Instagram as she posted a picture of her #TravelDiaries with her baby ... 

So, this troll came up with her perspective that stated, “Lisa is not a supermom as she has a private jet at her disposal...”  

Now, this got all of our attention because, Lisa surprisingly choose to slam and respond to this Instagram user.

Lisa wrote to her, “Hi Sarah, came across this post and thought to shed some truth on this. I’m a mum who travels 90%of the time with no nanny. I actually don’t have an army of anyone helping me with my responsibilities as a mom. I do most of the cooking laundry etc by myself. If I go to work, I usually take my son with me or one of my sisters (I have three who can help) will take a half day off work to babysit him. Or my husband will try and work from home if I’m away. It’s an extreme juggling act. I don’t live in Mumbai anymore where finding help seems relatively easier. I am not complaining. Love my life and love being a mummy more than anything. But I go it alone most of the time and actually thrive on the challenge it all can be. Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas holidays. And have a happy new year x” 

Now, that has to be one good response to ruthless trolls as this one who chose to troll Hayden with her insensitive comment... Handled and owned like a pro, Lisa... Good Job!