La Feria 2019 Through The Eyes Of Team Befazool

La Feria 2019 Through The Eyes Of Team Befazool
Le Feria 2019 and its moments

La Feria 2019 ended on a high note. The 7th Spring Summer edition of the pop-up village, flea market-themed which lasted for two days: 30th and 31st March was bigger and grander than ever before. From kid’s play arena to shopping gully and from food stops to pet corner and live music, it had it all. The two-day event saw a huge footfall with people from all age-groups storming the event with great zest and energy. After the Vanity Fair 2019, this is most hot-and-happening events in Chandigarh, people are bound to come here, isn’t it?

la feria 2019, bigger and grander than ever before

Following on the footsteps of older editions but taking the standard two notches up, La Feria at Chandigarh Club was a sight to behold. And to make sure you guys get complete in and out of this pop-up village team Befazool landed to be your eyes. Befazool is bringing you the latest trending news articles. Team Befazool was sponsored by and Le Monarque hotel, Chandigarh. From covering the event live on Facebook and Instagram, to posting stories of food stalls where people flocked to get their hands on mouth-watering delicacies. And how can we forget clothes and apparels, Punjabi juttis and other quirky décor stuff? Yes, people, we covered everything and not just cover them but also interact with the happy smiling faces at the event through ‘Befazool’ questions and have a fun round of challenge session.

team befazool with its befazooliyat


befazool and some befazool questions

This challenge session involved people answering 5 brain-teasing questions and if they got them all correct, we had exciting vouchers lined-up for them. Come on! People deserved something really good for their enthusiastic answers, didn’t they? We talked to various brand owners present at the stalls, asking them about what they had to offer.

le feria 2019 and a befazool session

Team befazool and people having fun

You guys won’t believe the fabulous and amazing stuff these talented artists and curators had to offer at La Feria Chandigarh. From home-décor items to quirky booze glasses and chappals, they brought them all and left the crowd stunned.

Qurky stuffs were in abundance to lure the young crowd

From Jewelry to chappals, everything you need

But you guys aren’t getting much of an idea of what they had, do you? Okay, why don’t we give you a highlight of what team Befazool found the best amongst all? Here we go:

Dog Zone- Do we have to say anything else? There were dogs and there were people going crazy for dogs. From surprisingly calm Beagles to mighty German shepherd and glorious Pitbulls and from playful Labradors to cutie Maltese and American Bully. You name it and there were each one of them. You could play with them, caress them and smile big along them for selfies. The zone was arranged by a dog café from Zirakpur named ‘Dogizza’. They had their own souvenirs like hand-made leash and dog-collars along with other items for dog lovers.

Cute beagles were a treat to look at

heaven for dog lovers, pet them, play with them, take selfies with them

Vittles- It is a fast-food restaurant based in sector-8, Chandigarh. They serve some of the most amazing snacks you can find in whole Tricity. Their burgers and hotdogs sold like hot cakes straight out of the oven.  And that too on reasonable prices!

Vittles and their lip-smacking snacks were a must-have

Nugget Nation- Another gem of a place for food-lovers! This is also located in sector-8 of City Beautiful. They launched their innovative “Nuggs on the go”. An easy-to-carry drink and food plate combo so that you savour the tasty nuggets without caring about the spillage. What else do you want?

Nugget Nations with their delicious nuggets were most-flocked

Mutt Of Course- If dog zone by Dogizza wasn't enough for you, 'Mutt Of Course' was another store for not just dogs but also pets in general. From dog collars to cat toys, to anything that any pet owner requires, they have it all. They are actually based in Delhi but have an all-India reach. There you go, guys!

A stop for all your pet needs

A store for pet lovers, you can find it all here.

Concert- Music is the life of any event or gathering or party, isn’t it? And La Feria wasn’t any different. With several amazing bands coming to play along with DJ night on Sunday evening, everyone shopped while grooving to the music.

Music and La feria go hand in hand

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