Is Eminem really a rap god and cannot be messed with? Let’s see what other rappers have to say about him.

Is Eminem really a rap god and cannot be messed with? Let’s see what other rappers have to say about him.
  • Since the day Eminem dropped his surprise album Kamikaze, the internet is on fire. With responses like, ‘the Slim Shady is back to revive Hip Hop back to glory’ and ‘the days of mumble rap are gone’, the world is truly gone ‘bezerk’.  Eminem has dissed almost half of the hip hop industry in just one album. With names like Drake, Donald Trump, Lil Yachty, Lil Pump, Lil Xan, Machine Gun Kelly, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatbitch, Charlamagne Tha God, Lord Jamar and Ja Rule (again) Eminem hasn’t spare anyone. Just when we thought that his rapping days are over, the white boy dropped a surprise bomb on us and entered all pissed and taking shots at everyone. There’s a very famous saying in hip hop which says ‘don’t fuck with the white boy’ . Eminem has ended careers with his genius level lyrics, wit and flows. He is the only rapper who has balls to diss his own producer (Dr Dre) on the track he is producing for him.  He has dissed his own mother for god sake, I mean who can compete with that?   Let’s see what the hip hop industry think about Slim Shady. Rakim: Eminem is nasty, man. I don't care what color he is. I don't care about none of that. Real artists respect real artists, man…I tell people to this day. If Em was black, he'd be the next Muhammad Alive, man.
  • The Game -One thing that stuck with me is that Eminem is not to be fucked with ever in hip-hop, ever.
  • Dr Dre -   If I hadn't met Em or we hadn't linked up, he would have eventually become a success anyway, because he's so talented. I was just fortunate enough to meet him first and open the door for him.
  • Snoop DoGg: When Eminem was on Jay-Z's song, he fucked MY cuz up on that record! You know what record I'm talking about. He fucked him up on the record completely. Like, damn! Kanye West: Nobody's gonna be bigger than Eminem. ( yes, KANYE DOES BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE IS BETTER THAN HIM).
  • Lupe Fiasco: (on battling other rappers) I can't fuck with Eminem, but I got everybody else covered.
  • Ice-T: (on listening to Eminem's delivery for the first time) It was like you were listening to a scientist.
  • Drake: I want you to make some noise for the greatest of all time, Eminem! (at OVO Fest Concert)
  • Kurupt: They think Eminem is crazy, and they think he's just the '8 Million Records Sold' guy. But, as far as a MC, my nigga, he's underrated.

MGK has released a diss in response to Eminem’s jab at him in one of the tracks on his album Kamikaze. MGK’s  responded back first with the single ‘Rap devil’ which has mixed response worldwide. Many are appreciating the fact that after so many years, someone had the balls to release a diss on Eminem.  Although we are glad to him reviving the hip hop scene once again, we also believe that he might have ended his career like many others before him who thought they can take on Slim Shady.