How about we have our own Indian superheroes league /avengers ?

How about we have our own Indian superheroes league /avengers ?

The Indian cinema has forgotten our very own desi superheroes

Remember the golden days of our childhood? The days of comics and cartoons. When we could forget our cute little problems (which at times seemed like end of world or life to us) of homework, school, the nagging of our parents and teachers, sweet/bitter betrayal of friends, fear of exams etc, etc, etc by just indulging into the world of fantasies and magic with comics and cartoons. These unreal stories were our own little celebration of life and kept us innocent and helped us build our imagination and creativity. Even today the success of Marvel and DC’s superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman, Iron man, Captain America, X-men, Avengers and many more has proved that the magic of superheroes is still alive. The Hollywood superheroes franchise is doing wonders in India and it’s about time our Indian cinema (or how we like to call it Bollywood) should take notice and focus on our very own desi superheroes. So here is the list of few desi superheroes who if revived can be our answer to Avengers (may be finally beat Thanos too)



Nagraj ( cause the snake king is too cliché) is definitely one of the strongest and most popular desi superhero in India. With the incredible superpowers like superhuman strength, super healing, hypnotism, shape shifting, millions of obeying snakes living in his blood (yes you read that right and no it’s not that creepy) which he can shoot from his hands, poison bite, venomous breath and snake spit ( ok fine, now it’s a bit creepy) he can make any villain’s life real tough. His origin story also is very interesting. From being based in an ancient civilization to be born as a king’s heir by the blessing of a snake god and then got separated from the parents by an evil uncle who wanted the throne, only later to be found by an evil scientist who turned him into an assassin, this origin story has all the masala a hindi movie needs.


Now this guy too is on top of the popular desi superheroes in India, despite being the one without any super powers ( well, Batman had none). His character was written specifically to be someone kids relate to and can be an idol for them. Now this guy has a morale code, works in the guidelines of law and does not believe in killing any criminal (impressive right?) So he doesn’t have any superpowers but he has some incredible abilities which he got by training really hard in a circus where he grew up (another amazing origin story). His (super) abilities include genius level intellect, master acrobat, stunt man, expert marksman, expert in martial arts and hand to hand combat, master strategist, communicating with most animals which he learned when he lived in circus with animals (I still don’t understand how) and an incredible will power.  Sound like a mix of Batman and Robin right (without the moolah) ? Well one thing though, he doesn’t believe in any alias or hiding his identity.



This guys represents the dark side of superheroes or anti hero, the ones who doesn’t care about law and rules or any morals. Doga being a product of a cruel childhood raised by a Daaku literally in the dark valleys of Chambal ( remember the one in Sholay) and then watching the murder of his teachers/uncles Chacha Adrak, Chacha Dhaniya , Chacha Kali Mirch and Chacha Haldi (Adrak, Dhaniya, Kali Mirch and Haldi? And you thought the writers of this dark character did not have a sense of humour) grew up to be very hateful and vengeful against the criminals. Like Super Commando Dhruv he has no superpowers but unlike him, he believe in killing criminals rather than handing them to law. He believed in ending the problem from root than solving it. Doga has trained himself to be an expert marksman, incredible martial artist and communicating with dogs (again, I don’t know how or like….. why). He can even somehow dodge bullets guys using a black pepper technic.



  Devi is our very own answer to wonder woman (take that dc). She is a divine warrior created by gods to battle the demon lord Bala in ancient times. When Bala rises up in present times, Devi is reborn as Tara Mehta. Her super powers which was given by the ancient hindu gods includes Blast Power, Electricity Control, Fire Control, Flight, Healing, Heat Generation, Immortal (more like take any human host), Insanely Rich ( believe me it’s a superpower), Light Projection, Magic, Super Hearing, Super Sight, Super Speed, Super Strength and Weather Control (We do need her in India).



Shakti is an eternal divine spirit and a power granted by Goddess Kali to Chanda, an ordinary women. Chanda when found out that her husband has killed their daughters, was heartbroken and furious against him. He, when confronted tries to kill her too. Goddess Kali answering Chanda’s cries an prayers grants her with a part of her powers as the spirit of Kali (a typical Indian movie plot). Chanda now turns into Shakti whenever she hears any woman in distress. Besides super strength, super speed, shooting fire from her hands and turning any metal into weapon, her superpowers include a third eye which can devastate any enemy.   She mostly fights crimes and violence against women and operates in Delhi cause.... well we all  know why.  



Chacha Chaudhary is a small town middle class guy who is famous for his brilliance. It is believed that his mind works faster then a computer. Sabu is an alien from Jupiter who is 15 ft tall and extremely strong. He is of course the muscle of the team while Chacha is the brains. In fact they can be a strong addition to our desi superhero team. They are extremely popular with the children so can be a good movie franchise for kids.



When we are talking about Indian superheroes, how can we forget the mighty Shaktimaan. Shaktimaan needs no introduction and is all power. There is hardly anything Shaktimaan can not do. He was trained by a mystical group of saints called Suryavanshi who taught him deep meditation to control the seven chakras in the body. They trained him to master all five elements. His powers include flight, super strength, invisibility, super speed, super breath, projecting energy beams from hands, teleportation, telepathy, healing and most important super will. He is all mighty and all moral. So these are few of the many mighty desi superheroes we need to focus on and revive them. Let's share and hope some sensible producer from Bollywood takes notice and make a great movie franchise for our generation and create something fresh for a change.  Let us know which actor/ actress you would like to see in what character and lets hope that we will soon our own desi avengers or Justice league of India.