Hazel Keech's 10 year challenge Post: A New Outlook To Depression!

Hazel Keech's 10 year challenge Post: A New Outlook To Depression!

Hazel Keech, a well-known face in Bollywood and otherwise came out of her cocoon and talked about battling depression, Bulimia.

She opened up about the pressures she felt to fit in as she shared about the 10-year challenge.   



Now, if you do not know about this it-challenge that is all over the internet lately, then you certainly ain’t an active netizen...  

Basically, it’s a challenge where celebrities are also sharing their then and now pictures.


picture credits: https://bit.ly/2DpGGaA


And like so many B-towners, Yuvraj Singh’s wife Hazel too, took up the challenge and decided to share about something that not many know.

She shared this beautiful expression of thought through an empowering post on her Instagram handle... 



Keech took the challenge and followed the same sharing pattern of uploading.

A collage of two pictures featuring then and now images with a caption, “Here is my #10yearchallenge. 22 years on the right VS almost 32 years on the left.... and how far I’ve come! I was battling depression, starving myself, had bulimia, dyed my hair dark and kept it long trying to fit in a please everyone around me but hiding all the pain with a smile and joke so no one knew. Today, I can confidently talk about what I’ve gone through, I don't care what others think of me, I finally had the courage to cut my hair, I don't try and fit in anymore and I am happier, healthier and more at peace with myself than I ever imagined I could be! Wahooo #personalcelebration thanks whoever started the 10-year challenge.” was uploaded. 



Well, that was really brave of Hazel to come out on an open platform about something as sensitive as this. More power to you lady!