Halloween Scares The World On Its Feet, Grosses $91.8 million Worldwide

Halloween Scares The World On Its Feet, Grosses $91.8 million Worldwide

Michael Myers first appeared forty years ago and scared the hell out of the audience. Forty years later, this slasher is still drawing crowds to the theatres. Universal Pictures just revealed that Halloween has taken an estimated $77.5 million in ticket sales from North American theatres alone.

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On the international box-office, the movie earned so far $14.3 million from 23 markets which took its total to $91.8 million. Halloween secured the first place at the North American box-office with the second-highest horror opening time of all time just behind ‘it’. It was also the second highest October opening ever behind Venom’s $80.3 million. The studio spokesperson said it is the biggest movie opening ever with a female over 55, in star Jamie Lee Curtis.

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The 2018 Halloween has been directed by David Gordan Green and brings back Curtis as Laurie Strode and Nick Castle as Michael Myers. This movie only follows the original 1978 film while ignoring all the rest in between.


"You take the nostalgia for Halloween, especially with the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, and you combine that with the Blumhouse brand and its contemporary currency in the genre and it just made for a ridiculously potent combination at the box office this weekend," said Jim Orr, Universal's president of domestic distribution.