'Gun' Joke Delays Flight For 16 Hours

'Gun' Joke Delays Flight For 16 Hours
Scoot flight delayed due to gun scare

Given the time we are living in right now, when everything you say is mistaken into something totally derogative and opposite, you have to watch your mouth. That applies even when you are joking and especially at the airport.

Trust us, guys! If you are a frequent flyer, you know what kind of people there are on the flight. And you certainly don’t want to get your flight delayed because of a gun joke you just cracked. Don’t believe us? That’s exactly what happened on a Singapore-bound Scoot flight from Bengaluru. Flight TR573 was delayed for more than 16 hours after a passenger raised a false security alarm.

Scoot flight delayed due to false security alarm

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Over 173 passengers were left to wait at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) from the flight which was scheduled to take off at 1.20am but left at 5.23pm. If the reports are to be believed, a passenger verbally threatened the cabin crew about a ‘gun’ in one of his bags. Soon, the passenger was taken into custody and taken to the airport police station for questioning. He was later let off as the airport police found that he was joking about the gun and he had a guitar in his bag.

Flyscoot delayed for 16 hours after gun scare

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After the passenger was taken away, the rest of the passengers were guided off the flight too and their luggage offloaded. They were soon rescreened for security and immigration clearance. Singapore Airlines officials later confirmed the incident.

“A hoax security threat was made at 1.48am on April 23, relating to Scoot Airlines flight TR573 (BLR-SIN). Standard security protocols and procedures were followed and no suspicious items were found. A passenger was deboarded from the flight by the CISF. The remaining passengers and baggage were also deboarded and rescreened for security and immigration clearance. A replacement aircraft and crew were flown into Bengaluru. Meanwhile, food and refreshments were organized. During this time, there was no impact on operations at the airport,” said a BIAL spokesperson.

replacement flight with new crew was immediately sent

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The airline prepared a replacement flight from Singapore, operated by a new crew to ferry the affected passengers from Bengaluru to Singapore. “Scoot mounted a replacement flight from Singapore to transport-affected customers from Bengaluru,” a Singapore Airlines spokesperson added.

Now, be careful people, don’t go cracking terrible ‘gun’ jokes at people. Keep calm and enjoy your flight. For more befazool news, check out Befazool Charcha.