For the girls with the dilemma: THE PARTY NIGHT RANT

For the girls with the dilemma: THE PARTY NIGHT RANT
If you’re here, reading this.. You’re most probably here because you’re a lot like many of us. The one’s who don’t quite give a damn about dressing up but do end up enjoying it when they chance upon occasions where social norms just compel them to look their best! Here’s the problem with not being an everyday dresser: When the time comes, it isn’t about a lack of options. It’s about sensory over-load! The girl who’s mostly seen home with her hair ruffled up and a comfy pair of PJs, is suddenly thrown into the world of *possible* epic fails! Worry not, we know you recently made it, or will make it through the storm— but we’re here to rant with you!! #1 Just what is the OOTD?
You have quite the collection, but you never quite cared! #2 You have the clothes, but not the fancy lingerie that you were supposed to keep up to date with!
lets-just-forget-the-party” much? #3 So you pretty much stumbled through your much neglected, but still fancy wardrobe and managed to dress up. But what about the heels?
If someone could only transform my feet into resistant warriors tonight! (Also into any and every color i want.. all in one pair!)” #4 Now for that make up, Ah .. How long has it really been … ?
Throw your hands up in the air already! You know there’s a thousand product in there, half of which you probably bought in an impulsive kick to try and dress up more and never used.. for years after you bought them! #5 But when we do figure our make up out, we do it well don’t we?
er…After a few more trials maybe. #6 Now this is where it starts to get painful
Almost as terrifying.. often worse than the first time!! #7 You did it all… And now you’re convincing yourself as you look into the mirror:
Hell yeah! you go girl! #8 That mild offense you take when you know.. you look good and all but everyone keeps talking about how they “almost didn’t recognize you!”
Um Helloo… I’m still me? #9 And Then comes the GLORY moment! Where you’re sort of proud of yourself, all dressed up and make up caked up.. But you don’t know how to react to those warm compliments! So…
Yay…? Thank you?