Earth: A Home Loosing Itself To Humans

Earth: A Home Loosing Itself To Humans

Leonardo Di Caprio in a documentary film named 'Before the Flood' conveyed his concern on the deteriorating state of the global environment through his journey across the world. The United Nations messenger of peace, 2014, Leonardo travelled to various parts of the world to witness himself some of the saddening effects of global warming. His documentary managed to bring to light the lack of collective actionable efforts to save the earth and the causes of environmental degradation.

before the flood is a documentary on climate change and how less we are doing to mend things

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With time slipping out of our hands like sand, the situation calls for a rapid reformation of our global actions. But how do we bring about these reforms, when we have already engulfed ourselves in illogical religious doctrine based woes and selfish pocket-filling motives.

Ben Ki Moon and Leonardo DiCaprio talking about climate change

The Paris Climate Summit 2015 was held to negotiate the Paris Agreement to bring about a reduction in climate change. The Paris Agreement was later signed by 174 countries to begin its adoption into their own legal systems. The countries, through this agreement, agreed to do every bit that is possible within their reach.

174 countries came together at the Paris climate sumit 2015

 The Paris Summit along with the Paris Agreement was deemed a successfully unified stepping stone towards a better future. The questionable aspect of this summit remains to be the lack of any enforcement and a blindfolded faith on countries to follow the agreement. 

India is among the most steadily developing countries in the world with a booming I.T sector and stands in the top 5 emitters. India has consistently mentioned that development and eradicating poverty are its primary goals. But the pursuit of development and providing each household with energy comes with their own cost.

Nearly 71% of India's power generated comes from thermal plants. Of these, about 62% of demand is met through coal from the vast coal reserve. Many of us are aware of the damaging nature of coal mining and its usage. Not only does coal usage cause various pollutions, but coal mining triggers severe land degradation, deforestation and loss of ancestral land for many tribal communities.

Coal offers cheap sources of energy in countries like India

Given all these complications, India relies densely on coal for its massive power need because of its cheapness and it is still struggling to provide affordable energy to each and every citizen. As the temperatures rise and seasons change at a rapid pace, how soon will India be able to make the transition to renewable sources of energy? Or will the time run out before India fully transitions?

For a country riddled with bureaucracy, political propaganda and religious snoots that convince the masses that killing a cow is an anti-nationalist act. The transition seems like an unattainable task.

With each passing day inching us closer to the D-Day, the moment calls for awareness and a worldwide union against this monster born from our wrong-doings. The Paris Summit was a small step to bring all the nations together to start working on the counter-measures. But it is our duty, as the children of mother earth to take this step further and not rely on governments alone to make the necessary changes for us.

Drastic change in wind direction and temperature rise

When it comes to the role of the masses in climate change, we need to address the issue of consumption and lifestyle. The scientific and economic fraternity of the world has continuously conveyed that the people in developed countries consume more energy than the people in developing countries. Our rate of consumption needs an intervention by ourselves, what we eat, how we travel, how we get our power. We need to work with those leaders who acknowledge the need of the hour and propose measures to invest in renewable energy sources and who understand that development cannot come at the cost of the environment.

Leonardo delivers speech at the UN

Before the flood full movie showed us how quickly things will go from bad to worst. Leonardo DiCaprio environment speech in the UN brought to light the urgency we need to show to bring matters under control before its too late.

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