Dumb Celebrity tweets that they’ll regret for life.

Dumb Celebrity tweets that they’ll regret for life.

We in India, preach celebrities like Gods but little do we know that their intellectual level is sometimes(almost, always) far lower than so many brilliant and talented people out there.

And when it comes to displaying their ‘real-self’ on twitter, their morale is boosted up like the share market price. But this excitement turns out to be a disaster for many of them.

Here are the dumbest tweets by famous celebrities that would leave you in a dilemma about their successful lives.

* Salman Khan

Lets open this list with the highest opener at the Box office, the one and only, 'sabka bhaijaan’, Salman Khan. His almost every tweet is like us drunk texting our ex’s. Literally, no difference.

* Kamal R Khan

This man has got the guts to do anything with utmost, 100% confidence and is a self declared star. His tweets are as dumb as he himself and not worth even 2 Rs.

* Sania Mirza

She’s always as graceful and a non-sportswoman like on all occassions but, blunders happen. She tweeted about the qualities of a phone while using an i-phone and got heavily trolled for her stupidity.

* John Abraham

This one is a shocking entry in the list as John is considered an intelligent actor and a person, ofcourse but he tweeted a dumb statement while promoting his movie 'Parmanu’ and hence the result.

* Ram Gopal Verma

A director who is always criticised by his fellow fraternity, recently tweeted about Tiger Shroff’s body, asking him to be more conscious of his poses if he desires to achieve the success of Bruce Lee. Nobody asked for your precious opinion Sir.

* Twinkle Khanna

The 'Mrs. Funny Bones’ has set the level too high for us readers that when she posts a lame joke, we are utterly disappointed. IDK if to call it a dumb joke or a poor joke or a no joke at all would be better, because it doesn’t make sense at all.

* Abhijeet Sawant

Supporting Salman Khan in his court case, he tweeted that the roads are not poor people’s property and if they sleep there they are bound to die. Like what? Leave the dumb part, where’s humanity? He got usherly trolled for his tweet and his unemotional response.

* Rakhi Sawant

Not related to Abhijeet Sawant by blood, but by dumbness. She has never failed to disappoint her fans by not providing them with the 'masala’ that they need, even if it involves making fun of herself. How sweet of you. Rakhi!!