Dos And Don'ts On How You Can Dress For Work

Dos And Don'ts On How You Can Dress For Work

Here are dos and don'ts on how to dress for work without trying too hard. It doesn't matter whether you're a newbie or simply want to dress your way to the top. These steps can prove really handy. 

1. Don't go all bare

We know summer is a tricky season to dress for. Heading to your office in the humid climate through and overcrowded commute, it's pretty hard to maintain your outfit without getting all sweaty. Just don't wear your beach clothes to work!

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Do: Dress for the weather

Go for breathable fabrics like cotton and linen as they work best for the humid weather. They are the saviours!

2. Don't go near baggy clothes

We'll be straightforward with you, baggy t-shirts and ill-fitted are good for that lazy Sunday lunch with your friends but is a terrible idea for office.

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Do: Find the balance

A complete baggy and ill-fitted outfit is a total no-no, what you can do is pair baggy t-shirt with a fitting trouser. it will make a lot of difference.

3. Don't show-off your feet

While the humid weather might make you choose those light-weight and breathable flip-flops and open-toe flats. We will advise you not to wear them!

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Do: Go for smarted footwear 

The market is full of smart footwear options which not only offer great comfort but are also absolutely appropriate for the office.

4. Don't neglect grooming

Grooming habit is not only necessary for working professionals but also in general. You don't want to scare your date away on your first date with you unkept hair and filthy nails, do you?

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Do Groom, duh!

Invest in the good-quality skin and hair products. This advice is for both men and women!

5. Don't walk away from a Pantsuit

Pantsuits work on everyone, be it man or a woman, young or old. That's why they are called classics because they never go out of style. 

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Do: Get a well-tailored two-piece suit made

A two-piece is one the most office-appropriate clothing that you can wear. Got an important meeting? slay it in your pantsuit!