Differentiating between an SUV and MUV

Differentiating between an SUV and MUV

With the booming growth of the automotive industry, as a buyer you are now spoiled for choice and if you’re looking to buy a car which is convenient for a family, you now have the option of choosing between SUVs and MUVs (the new addition to the Utility vehicle family) based on the number of people you want it to carry, and your budget. These cars are a preference because of their capacity to haul people or items. But first, here’s a brief on the difference between the two:


SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. The term is used for any vehicle that looks like a station wagon. It has a mini truck-like platform.  The middle size and full size SUVs usually have three rows of seats and the cargo area makes up the last compartment in the car.

MUV stands for Multi-utility Vehicle.  MUVs have bigger chassis dimensions, greater seating capacity and most models under this caregory are designed with folded rear seats.The remaining area can be used as luggage space. These vehicles efficiently do the job of carrying passengers as well as goods at the same time.

To summarize on the basis of structure and capacity:

- A type of vehicle that is similar in shape to a van, and is designed for personal usage is categorized under MUV. -SUVs are vehicles that have the towing capacity of a pick up truck and the space of station wagon. -MUVs target customers that are looking for a spacious vehicle, which can be used for both passengers and luggage, -whereas SUVs are preferred by people who are looking for vehicles that are flexible to a multiplicity of road conditions.



These cars have great off-road proficiency because of their 4-wheel/all-wheel drive feature,therefore making them an ideal choice for people living in rural areas. The more family-oriented models now have Rear-wheel drives.


forego the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) for the simpler Forward Wheel Drive (FWD), which makes them more compact because of the omission of a long driveshaft. This frees up more room for the cabin and reduces overall weight. Because of the FWD feature, MUV’s are therefore not recommended for bad terrain drives.


MUVs take the upper hand when it comes to cost-effectiveness in many ways when compared to SUVs The initial cost of these vehicles is much lesser because most MUVs have smaller engines, and a simplified layout which amounts to fewer moving parts. All of this put together also results in reduced servicing costs. When it comes to Economy, SUVs are becoming less popular by the day because of the poor mileage. Despite their road presence and off road capabilities, people are moving towards choosing MUVs because of their fuel efficiency. This general trend will perhaps continue even as the economy improves.


When trying to make a decision between these two options, One must keep in mind the following factors: - Is the purchase being made from a personal or family point of view. - How many people you aim to accommodate in one go. - The number of goods you aim to accommodate. - The primary terrain in which the car will be made most use of. - Your budget. Here are links to top selling SUVs and MUVs in India : https://www.cardekho.com/best-suv https://www.cardekho.com/best-muv