Dear Men, The Choice Of Right Pair Of Shoes Is Important!

Dear Men, The Choice Of Right Pair Of Shoes Is Important!

Here’s a thing about Indian men: They would either not pay much attention or completely ignore their shoes after spending hours buying the right shirt and trousers. And here’s the other thing about Indian men: They wouldn’t shy away from showing their love for Yeezys or Air Max.

Today, we’re here to tell you more about how important picking the right pair of shoes is important for you. You might not know this but your shoes are as important as your shirt of jacket and trousers or jeans. They help create or completely destroy your first impression.

Now, we’ll explain to you in a ‘2-minute-read’ detail how important it is for men to pay attention to their choice of shoes.

1 Are you detail-oriented or not?

A pair of right shoes can help you lift the overall look

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While females go around shopping and checking out minutest details, men are assumed to not care about such things. It’s not completely true and you can change this opinion by borrowing some of the attention you paid in checking out that hottie in a red dress at the bar last night. A pair of right shoes can help you lift the overall look of your outfit, it shows you are detail-oriented and take care of how you look.

2. That overall look

We all want to create that lasting impression, your shoes can help you do that

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Be it your new pair of peach sneakers or brown brogues, your shoes complete the overall picture. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Diesel jeans or Raymond shirt, if you’re not in the right shoes you basically destroyed your whole appearance. This is how important your shoes are for that overall look.

3. for that lasting impression

the right pair can help you create the lasting impression

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Whether it is a board meeting or an after-party or a date, you wanna look your best and create an everlasting impression. Many men will take time deciding the right wardrobe for their big day the next day, they would search for the right colored shirt and look for the matching trousers, but they ignore the shoes in the whole equation… the staple Indian mentality: “Chalta hai… itna kaun dhyaan dega!” kicks in and kicks in hard. This is where we make the mistake. People look at your shoes closely than you would imagine. If your shoes are not in match with your wardrobe and in accordance with the event you’re attending, it’s a game over.

4.  They can be expensive

Good shoes come at  price so chose wisely as it is an investment

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Premium leather shoes or shoes from top-brand, they come at very steep prices. Even the pairs that are not exactly from premium brands aren’t that cheap. So it’s really important that you choose your shoes wisely because it turns into a long-term investment that you shouldn’t be blaming yourself after a few usages.