Check These 10 Signs To Know If You're Dating A Gentleman

Check These 10 Signs To Know If You're Dating A Gentleman
Dating a gentleman

In the past... past days, a gentleman used to be defined by his aristocratic birth, but now it’s a dying breed. James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Prince Charming, all these gentlemen have one thing in common- They’re fictional. So, are you dating a gentleman, who’ll hold your hand through thick and thin? Or you’re wasting your time with a boy who asks you to ‘hang out’ with him because he’s too chicken to go on a real date.

We’re here with 10 points that will put you at some ease and help you narrow down the important question- Are you dating a gentleman? Here we go!

10. A gentleman’s heart is always at the right place

One may not always succeed and a gentleman is aware of it but deep inside his intentions are always good when he acts. Doing good for someone or something is not his motto, it’s his way of living. Be it his close ones or a total stranger, he’s kind to all of them and inspires kindness in return.

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9. A gentleman respects your needs

He will hold the door for you every time because chivalry is in his blood. But if you choose to show your independence by getting it yourself, he would support you. He would even graciously accept the favour if you open the door for him someday. A gentleman doesn’t want a damsel in distress; he knows you can be your own ‘Daddy’ and loves it.

8. A gentleman has interests outside of work

A gentleman will always have a hobby or craft that he’s passionate about. It stimulates his mind and lets him be free and breathe. Be it a culinary genius or a die-hard biker, but it's always something that fascinates him.

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7. A gentleman always puts others at ease around him.

There’s a magic about him that attracts people and makes them feel at ease while talking to him. He makes them feel comfortable in the most awkward of social settings. Heck, you were worried about what your parents will think about him and one meeting with him, they can’t stop talking about him for weeks. They talk about him so much that you’re starting to feel jealous of him.

6. A gentleman is always proud of his appearance

Wanna know how a gentleman looks? Well, he will never offend you with his looks or odour. He maintains good hygiene, never wears stained clothes and takes care of his physique. A gentleman will always stand out from the crowd for his style and every time you look at him, you’ll go “ooh la la!”

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5. A gentleman knows himself

He will always have an opinion but will make sure that he’s not forceful. A true gentleman says what he means and means what he says. The guy is confident but not arrogant.

4. A gentleman makes you a priority

When you’re with a gentleman, you’ll never feel as if he doesn’t have time for you. A gentleman will stop whatever he’s doing to listen and will make eye contact when you speak. The level of interest he shows will make you feel fascinating.

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3.  A gentleman always likes to learn

He never acts like a know-it-all. A gentleman always feels excited when it comes to learning something because he feels happy making his brain cells dance and work. He loves to engage with new people, learn about them. The level of openness to the world he has is astounding, always ready to absorb new things.

2. A gentleman is honest

Ladies, you’ve found a true gentleman if he’s true to himself and you. Your man is real because he has nothing to hide from you. The only time it comes to lying to you is when he’s planning a surprise for you.

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1. A gentleman is always in control

A gentleman is not into playing puppeteer with others, he maintains control of himself. He understands how emotion can get better of someone and thus, never lets anyone see him breaking a sweat. He will not raise his voice on you or lose control of his temper.

We know what you ladies are thinking: "This list is too much, no guy can hold up to all these points ever."  That’s why we said at the beginning, a gentleman is a dying breed… hard to find. So stay on the prowl, ladies!