BJP: Saffron Site Hacked, Gets Filled With 'Ch*tiyap'

BJP: Saffron Site Hacked, Gets Filled With 'Ch*tiyap'
Source: Connect Gujarat

The official website of the Bhartiya Janta Party has gone under maintenance after it got hacked and defaced by unknown hackers.

Source: Screenshot from BJP official website


According to Indian Express, screenshots of the homepage of the party site doing rounds on social media reveal an expletive-filled message and a meme of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel. While access to the site still remains restricted, a message from the website admin said it will be back up soon.


Source: The Wire


Soon after, the website admin updated the site with a message, “We’ll be back soon! Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re performing some maintenance at the moment. We’ll be back online shortly!”