Bad Boys 3 Is Finally Happening After 15 Years

Bad Boys 3 Is Finally Happening After 15 Years

Recently Will Smith and Martin Lawrence officially confirmed the news in their usual quirky way. They confirmed that the third installment of the Bad Boys franchise is officially happening. They posted a video on Facebook confirming the news. Smith and Lawrence appeared together and said, “Bad Boys 3 is happening. It’s finally official.” 

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Their video is captioned as ‘It’s been a LOOOONG time coming. But now its Here! Bad Boys For Life. We back!!’


First released in 1995 the film was a major BlockBuster. It was a comical action on two narcotics detectives based in Miami. The director of the film is Michael Bay. 

The second part was released in 2003. Continuing the adventures of Burnett and Lowry, the sequel was not that appreciated by the critics. 

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The third part was due in 2008. But due to the falling success and cost, the film was a potential problem for the filmmakers back then. Since then the film has been canceled over 10 times and was ultimately scrapped.

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But recently this news has not only raised high hopes but also built some great expectations from the upcoming Bad Boys 3.