Avengers: Endgame Breaking Indian Box Office Records One After The Other

Avengers: Endgame Breaking Indian Box Office Records One After The Other

Avengers: Endgame is making huge waves in the Indian box office, trampling every big Bollywood movie on its way to the top. Yes, that’s true! The last part of 3 phase Marvel Cinematic Universe, which finally hit the theatres after a long wait on April 26, received over Rs326 crore ($46.6 million) at the Indian box by the end of its 12th day of running in theatres across the country. This data was gathered by Bollywood news site Koimoi and released in their May 08 report.

These figures and the craze for Avengers have put Endgame among the top 10 domestic earning movies of all-time in India.

Endgame in the top 10 grossing movies in India

Ashish Saksens, COO of BookMyShow’s cinema division said, “The demand for tickets has been sky-high advance bookings opened on BookMyShow, with cinemas adding news shows every day to match fans’ rising demands.” He further added, “So far, BookMyShow has sold about eight million tickets and counting, making it the highest in-demand Hollywood film in India.”

Avengers has surpassed Titanic in profits

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Much of this success goes to Marvel’s strategy of creating a Universe of superheroes over a span of 11 years and 22 films, dedication time to develop each character and making sure people connect with them. All this lead to the conclusion, Avengers: Endgame.

Saksena agrees, “The phenomenon around the entire film series has been very well cultivated by Marvel, by introducing one character at a time. They were patient enough, taking 11 years and 22 films to deliver a conclusion like Avengers: Endgame.”

Even though Avengers is an English movie, it has clicked with the Indian audience and this is due to release in regional languages. “Disney puts a lot of effort in dubbing. If you watch Endgame in Hindi, it is as hilarious in Hindi as it is in English. Because they don’t translate but rewrite the dialogues,” Amit Sharma, managing director of Miraj Cinemas, said. Adding more to the importance of bringing multiplexes to small-town India, “Disney understands markets far better than its competitors.”

The movie has been such a success that dedicated fans are returning to theatres to watch it again. Some fans are even coming back fourth or fifth time.

According to trade analyst, Tarun Adarsh, Endgame has managed to break two myths about Indian cinema. One is the notion that public festivals drive the audience to theatres. Bollywood big stars, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have mostly released their movies on Diwali and Eid-ul-Fitr. But Avengers released on a sleepy weekend with no festivals before or after and yet, it’s climbing the profit ladder. The second thing is Endgame is on a successful run even though it has less number of screens pan India. In general comparison to Bollywood releases which plays on nearly 4,000 to 4,500 screens at a time, Avengers is playing on only 2,845 screens.

Endgmae amrked the culmination of 3 phases of MCU

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But one thing has to be looked upon closely and that is there was no big Bollywood release against Endgame, giving it a free ground to run. With the release of Student of The Year 2, it was expected that Endgame would take a hit but since SOTY flopped, it’s a win for Endgame again.