Are you Listening? An Open Message to Anyone Influential - A brief understanding of ‘Influence’ and it’s repercussions.

Are you Listening? An Open Message to Anyone Influential - A brief understanding of ‘Influence’ and it’s repercussions.

By:- Floyd Austin Raphael

Throughout this article, I shall refer to people of influence as 'celebrities’:- Defined simply as anyone whom can convince or influence any number of any sorts of people.

In 2018, it’s not difficult becoming a celebrity, it’s staying one. Another day, another celebrity, another scandal (not the TV show),another news report. Although, some may say that the fact that celebrities live highly publicized lives lead to the magnification of certain facts and the downplay of others, one can not argue that they should be prepared to face the terrain they have set out on that comes with certain risks.

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Another day, another celebrity, another scandal. The only 'Scandal’ we’re okay with involves Olivia Pope. With kids singing Hank Williams in Walmart and becoming famous, or SoundCloud rappers mumbling their way to incoherent fame. The celebrity life is stocked. The one thing for sure is that the amount of scrutiny a celebrity faces for their vices has only been increasing( ever since Britney Spears public breakdown).

Here, we try to dissect why and how celebrities face challenges in the way they do:-

1. Constant Exposure To Public

Working in an environment that is directly dependent on the approval of actions by the audience leads to having every step watched and every word criticized and scrutinized on and also off screen.
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2. Influence On Public Opinion

The truth is that celebrity actions matter; in more than just idle talk and kitty party chitchat, the effect is felt everywhere and particularly in that of the fan following of said celebrity. We may think that in this day and age a video or a celebrity’s actions cannot shift our beliefs or cause us to change our way of life but that would be untrue.

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The Kardashian clan would agree that celebrity influence onvideo and social media is vast

3. Living The “Glamourous Life”

It is the actions of a celebrity that cause the viewer to see what life on “a higher pedestal” is like. It’s inhuman to expect them to be models of moral fitness when it comes to behavior.
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4. Focus On Irrelevant Details

Everyone has certain mannerisms that need not be broadcasted to the whole world and that stands true for celebrities too.  However,  anyone who campaigns for human rights and/or is overall a face for company or any extra work line that causes them to be a model example of human behavior should think multiple times about the behavior that they exhibit.
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5. Fashion And Life Choice Influencers-

Punk movements, fashion rulebreaking, delinquency, movements,pop culture trademarks and many other outbreaks has been caused by media and celebrity influences. The long mop like hairstyes of The Beatles or the crazy fashion choices of Lady Gaga and who can forget John Travolta’s hypnotizing hip thrusting in 'Grease’ and 'Saturday Night Fever’ . Back in India we had the change of attitudes of Indian women wearing pantsuits for the corporate lifestyle and the rebels of feminism by movies like Queen and Angry Indian Goddesses.

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A Final Note -

“Celebrities” beware; for your actions invite more than paparazzi and petty lawsuits, they invite change and influence. Not doing Tobacco ads but publicly smoking is rather a rather mixed message. Every story loves a face as much as a face loves a story and being known as the face to a story is more powerful than most can understand. The fact is there lies a world that subliminally picks up your vices quicker than your more positive USP’s. Need a cause to stand up for? Stand up to better yourself so all whom embody your mannerisms are boons to this world. There is enough gutter talk, killing, mindless and barbaric genocide, disaster and hate to fill two worlds and then some, why not be the cause of someone’s reinstatement of belief in humanity for a change? Think about that for a second the next time vice strikes your mind and make your decision.