Annoying things every Indian relative says.

Annoying things every Indian relative says.
We have always had that ‘36 ka aankda’ with our relatives at every family occasion ever and then took a pledge never to attend any family function again. But why are all relatives so cheesy?? Don’t they have their own lives to live? My life, My job, My marriage, My kids. Why do they need an insider information on everything that’s happening on in our lives?

Do your relatives too poke a nose in your private affairs? Let’s have a check with all the common things every Indian relative says:

*Beta, Shaadi kab kar rhe ho?

Aunty, hanji jaldi hi on 31st February. Why are they always so eager to get you married? Maybe they wanna reminisce their wedding night? Any other reason? Please let us know.  

* Beta, Khana banana seekh liya?

Nahi aunty, Khana banana to nhi lekin kuch Cringeworthy logon ko handle karna zaroor aagya. As if your adulthood is wasted if you don’t know how to cook except for maggi.          

* Aur beta, aage kya karne ki socha hai?

Aage aunty aapko Ignore karne ki socha hai. Yes, no better option to pass on this question because precaution is better than cure and depression.      

* Beta, tumhari DP mai kon tha tumhare saath?

      Ek tha Ladka. Obviously Aunty, friend tha. Warning: never put a DP with your guy friends as it is a complete sin. Janhit mai Jaari.    

* Commerce kyu li? Science mai Zyada scope tha.

Hanji Aunty, suicide karna ka zyada scope tha. But I want to live.    

* Kitni kamzor hogyi hai khaati peeti kyu nhi?

Aunty aap jeene doge, tabhi to khaana lagega na.

These aunty dialouges are never going to vanish from your life, like ever. So better brace yourself whenever you go out on a family outing.