All The Things You Can Do In Peru, Apart From Visiting Machu Picchu.

All The Things You Can Do In Peru, Apart From Visiting Machu Picchu.
Machu Picchu

We’ve been hearing about Machu Picchu since the beginning of 2019 and if you really want to know what all the hype for is, you need to pack your bags and land up in Peru, one of the most trending vacation destinations of recent times.

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But, Peru is not all about this ancient Incan city; it has in its pocket the advantage of the impeccable natural beauty. Here’s a list of all the things you can explore in Peru.

Experience the beauty of the Amazon jungle with the ultimate flora and fauna which would have you engulfed with its exquisiteness. The rainforest covers 60% of the country area and the soothing after-effect would leave you in awe of the place.

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The cuisine of Peru is not your ordinary dining experience because it majorly comes from the wild. From Guinea Pig to Arequipa, the meat lovers are in for a delight. The potatoes are produced in 3800 different species. So the food is a must savoring one.

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As the capital of any country is its major possession, Lima is also one of those. From the Gringo Trail to free tour across the city, Lima is worth being on your list.

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Stay down from the mountains for a while, and discover the colonial city of Cusco. The Sacred Valley, Chinchero market and the historic Inca sites are the major attractions of the city.

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Visit the majestic and stunning Cerro Colorado Vinicunca and Montana de Siete Colores for the perfect Instagram picture and you’ll be enthralled with the color coordination of the hills.

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You cannot skip climbing and hiking the mountains which are a prominent part of what Peru has to offer.

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Centro Historico De Cusco is perfect for your sight-seeing experience.

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The Nazca Lines and ancient geoglyphs are a bizarre part of Peru’s history and if you are a fan of enigmatic antiquity, you ought to take out time for some mystery.

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