A ‘How Not-To Get Tattooed Guide-Celeb Tattoos That We “Definitely Like”

A ‘How Not-To Get Tattooed Guide-Celeb Tattoos That We “Definitely Like”
Ever since “Otzi” The Ice-y Boys body who died in 3500 BC was excavated 27 years ago with 61 tattoos, our obsession with tattoos only increased and they may have also been for medicinal purposes. Rad! For an Iceman.
Otzi The Iceman had 61 tattoos in all and is the first of his kind excavated in pristine condition Now, 5,500+ years after his death, tattoos have deep been embedded in surf, underground and Hip-Hop culture from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “Brahma Bull” and Polynesian Chest and Bicep Tattoo to Tupac’s “Thug Life” tattoo. They’ve been inspirational and have started movements and ways of life. But here’s the 4 tattoos that teach us valuable lessons in 'How Not To Get A Tattoo’

5. Don’t Get The Same Tattoo In Different Fonts. Especially If The Tattoo Choice Is… Questionable.

Celebrity Non-inspiration:- Tekashi’s weird number obsession.
6ix9ine, the SoundCloud rapper from New York City who rose to fame because of his rainbow hair, rainbow teeth grills and excessive '69’ tattoos all over his body in different fonts including one on the right side of his forehead says he’s a Trump supporter too. Excellent choice in mistakes tattoos. He says his choice of number is not because of the storied past of the number in “history books” but because of “perspective”. Repeating tattoos are creepy, people.

4. Also, Face Tattoos Shouldn’t Be Taken At “Face Value”

Celebrity Non-inspiration :- Every SoundCloud Rapper ever.
Meet ArnoldIsDead.(much like this meme format).ArnoldIsDead has a Anne Frank portrait tattooed on his right cheek. ArnoldIsDead calls it “XanFrank”(after Xanax, the abused drug of choice of SoundCloud rappers). Don’t be like ArnoldIsDead. Post Malone may look “kinda okay” with barbed wire on his face; a tree on your bindi spot(called glabella) may seem like a fitting tribute to recently deceased fan proclaimed SoundCloud legend XXXTentacion but what we lack that they have is a persona and sometimes really bad hygiene..

3. Avoid Stereotypical Tattoos Or At Least Get Them The Way They’re Meant To Be.

Celebrity Non-inspiration :- Mike Tyson’s “Tramp Stamp” face tattoo.
Mike Tyson’s tattoo comes off looking less Maori, more “Tramp Stamp” meets face. The ear-biting, uppercut monster veteran boxer (Record:- 50-6) says the tattoo was meant to pay homage to the New Zealand Maori tribe and that he found it “hot”. It does however look like a fitting tribute to the “Tramp Stamp”:- a term that referred to lower back tattoos usually seen on bar dancers etc that gained notoriety in the 80s-90s because of its erotic appeal. So, repeat after me:- I will not get a Tramp Stamp for it is 2018 but if I must, it’ll be on my lower back where it belongs and not on my face doing a cameo in The Hangover.

2. Name Tattoos Are Just Regret Time-Bombs.

A name tattoo, a weird font, a dragon and located on the bicep-shoulder “armband” region, Angelina Jolie’s Billy Bob Thornton(her ex) tattoo has it all:- A pint of nostalgia with a bucket of shame. She later replaced the tattoo too. Take it from Barney Stinson’s Holy Bible for Bro’s around the world- “The Bro Code” of 'How I Met Your Mother’s fame. Article 25 states:-
If a tattoo is what you desire though, at least ensure its not a name tattoo. According to HuffingtonPost, 1/3rd of people tattooed regret their tattoos and the most covered up tattoos involve to some extent a lover’s name or symbol.

1. Barbed-Wire Tattoos. Don’t. Any “Tribal” Tattoo, Just Don’t.

Chances are you knew all their signature moves. Just don’t copy their not-so-signature tattoos. If your favourite 90s star would get it done, don’t. That’s the real rule of thumb for tattoos. “Tribal” tattoos are a loosely defined term and they have received a bad rep because of the vast list of celebrities who have abused the tattoo format.

There you have it. A Celebrity Non-inspiration tattoo lists. Did we miss anything? Let us know at our Facebook page @Befazool or use the hashtag :- #NonInspirationTattoo