A Day At The Tokyo Motor Show 2019

A Day At The Tokyo Motor Show 2019

Tokyo Motor Show is considered an extravaganza of the motoring world. With the biggest players in the automotive world bringing their most inspiring concepts and idea, it's a funfair for automobile enthusiasts from across the world. And since it's in Tokyo, you're bound to bear witness to some remarkable technological genius other than automobiles. 

Let's take you people on a visual tour of some of the best at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019.

Alpine A110S 

Alpine A110S

Alpine brought their latest and more performance-focused version of the sportscar.

Alpina B3

Alpina B3

Alpina B3 is based on the BMW 3 Series.

Toyota e-Racer, Mirai, Copen

toyota e racer

This is a two-seater sportscar that has self-driving capabilities.

Toyota mirai

Mirai concept looks sleek and sexy and a promising future car.

Toyota Copen

Toyota Copen GR Sport is companies new sportscar.

Nissan Ariya Concept

Nissan Ariya

Nissan Ariya concept is an all-electric crossover-style vehicle.

Lexus LF-30

Lexus LF-30

The LF-30 concept is Lexus idea of a gorgeous EV.

Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30

Here is Mazda's take on the current Electric Vehicle trend with doors paying homage to the legendary RX-8.

Mitsubishi Mi-Tech

Mitsubishi Mi-tech

The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech concept displays a new hybrid power train.

Suzuki Waku and Hanare concept

Suzuki Waku is a retro-styled sportscar.

Suzuki hanare

Suzuki calls the Hanare concept as a "mobile room".

The strong focus on electric and hybrid vehicles shows the urgency among the automotive world to transcend from fossil fuel dependence. For more auto world news, follow Befazool Manoranjan.