Geminid Meteor shower 2018: Will The Earth Blow Up TONIGHT?

Geminid Meteor shower 2018: Will The Earth Blow Up TONIGHT?

Today, i.e 13th December is the day when the Geminid Meteor Shower 2018 will light up the sky. Like every year this is one of the most beautiful meteor showers that will take place. 

Geminid meteor shower 2018Picture Credits: LifeHacker Australia

Google had recently put up a display doodle to mark this Geminid shower for this year. It even explained quite brilliantly how this shower takes place. The asteroid named Phaethon, which was discovered around 35 years ago, causes this shower. Since the late 1800s, the asteroid’s orbit has come closer to the sun than Mercury. This has escalated the yellowish streaks with every passing year. 

If the weather remains clear, this is the best year to witness the Geminides. The meteors are called Geminides as they originate from the constellation Gemini. 

You would not even require a telescope or binoculars, all you need is a clear sky. The shower will be starting after 9 PM IST till midnight. For the best view make sure you are a little far from the usual city lights and face south. 

Every year the Phaethon comes near to the sun on its orbital route. With extreme heat, it fractures and leaves a trail of debris on its orbital path. In December every year, the debris crashes with the atmosphere of the Earth at 1,27,000km/hr. On its crash it radiates, giving us one of the most spectacular shows of the year. 

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