90s Ke Cartoons, This Generation Will Never Get To Watch!

90s Ke Cartoons, This Generation Will Never Get To Watch!

If we ask you, the 90s kids, what was the best part about your childhood, the long list of it will definitely have a mention of cartoons. Yes, the 90’s cartoons defined our childhood in a way that nothing else could. They were so great that they would easily give the cartoons of today’s generation a serious run for their money. Those cartoons were something that kept us hooked to the idiot box.

It’s time to take you, 90s kids, back on a joy ride to those sweet old and beautiful days when cartoons were amazing:

1. Swat Cats

A story of two badass cats and everything that guy would love. T-Bone and Razor, two simple mechanics who would transform and head-out straight to the city in their jet whenever the city was in danger. Nobody knew their true identity!

2. Popeye

A thin sailor named Popeye who just needed one can of spinach to muster the strength to save his girl, Olive from the big-bad guy named Brutus.

3. Johnny Bravo

This tall, handsome guy, who had the ‘best’ pick-up lines to hit on chicks. He taught us guys how we should never hit on a girl!

4. Tom And Jerry

The characters whose names go hand-in-hand with the title “90’s kids”. This little mouse and his big cat ‘friend’ have made us laugh for so long that they formed a big reason for our smile and happiness. A big appreciation, isn’t it?

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Four badass martial arts doing teenage turtles and their Master Shifu… This cartoon made us wanna learn martial arts and do stunts with those nunchucks.

6. Scooby Doo

This cartoon taught us that humans are the real evil!

7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

A cartoon show that was really dark… A timid dog ironically named Courage always trying to save its owners, Eustace and his wife Muriel from scary demons and villains.

8. Richie Rich

A rich kid and his friends go on adventures and bust criminals with the help of their scientist friend. This cartoon taught us a lot.

9. Captain Planet

Earth, water, fire, wind, heart. We won’t deny how much we wanted one of those rings to summon the Captain. The theme song was the best ever to get us all care for the environment.

10. Dexter’s Laboratory

A genius boy…who’s smarter than the smartest kid you can find around. Makes gadgets and robots in his secret laboratory but his sister, Dee Dee, always finds a way to press that button that no one was supposed to press.

11. He-Man

He-Man, the true definition of a superhero! He was the ideal for every kid along with his cowardly tiger that would transform into a fierce battle cat.

12. The Powerpuff Girls

Who all remember the lines at the end of every episode? “Aur Ek Baar Fir Bala Tali PowerpuffGirls Ki Badaulat!” Professor Utonium wanted to make the ideal girls but an accident resulted in the birth of these three little superheroes.

13. Talespin

A bear named Baloo and his little sidekick fight off the air pirates to save their city. Remember the vicious villain Sher Khan?

14. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Two detective chipmunks start a detective agency with their friends Gadget, Monetary Jack and Zipper. Their funny adventures always kept us little kids hooked to the TV screens.