8 Strongly Believed Myths That Have No Logical Reasons Behind Them

8 Strongly Believed Myths That Have No Logical Reasons Behind Them

We live in a world where education is of top priority. Free education for the primary school and scholarships for higher education, the government is investing large chunks of its budget in providing education to all so that no one is illiterate. But, in spite of this growing boost to education and able youth becoming high-qualified doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, architects of our bright future, we still believe in century-old myths.

We don’t want to give this a religious angle because then we’ll find us in hot soup by the end of the article. But have you ever thought of why you were educated so thoroughly in schools? We can present several points in favour of education but there is only one underlying reason to all these. Education helps in busting and correcting the worst myths that you see, hear, experience in person, on the web. Today, we are living in a digital world where everything is connected and on the internet, in the golden age of innovation and invention. But we still believe in some pre-historic myths that do no good to us.

Let’s take you through some of these irrelevant myths that have bugged our society and keep nagging us even today.

Catching cold

catching cold

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When winter arrives, our moms go into an over-drive mode, dressing us in million layers of warm clothes to protect us from catching a cold. Funny thing is, you don’t catch a cold if you are feeling cold! Cold is something you might get if you come in contact with a virus that causes it. Why? Because you must have heard that it is viral. Exactly, and you need not Google to know which virus causes cold. Rhinovirus causes 50% of the colds while other viruses that might cause cold are coronavirus, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza, and parainfluenza. Relax peeps, you don’t have to remember the names to stay safe from cold. Just keep your surroundings clean and use a hand sanitizer.

Conceiving during periods

Conceiving during periods

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It is believed that it is impossible to get pregnant while a woman is on her periods. It is not, our dear friends! While the probabilities are less, the possibility is there, you just need to show some dedications, wink*. On the other hand, many people believe that the children who were conceived during periods turn out to be monsters! A book called The Curse: A Cultural History of Menstruation described the children as “puny, languid and moribund”. That’s again a lame thing to say and there are no scientific reasons to back this statement. Yes, period sex is messy (using plastic bedsheet covers) but it ain’t no curse. As long as you and your partner are into it and reaching the big O together, don’t give a crap about anyone. Have fun!

Belly fat from beer

Beer belly

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Stop sulking and blaming your pleasures for all the bad habits you have. The big belly you gain after hours of chugging mugs of beer is not actually because of beer. It is because of the oversized platters of food that you gobble along with those mugs with uncountable calories that turn you 6 packs abs into 6 bag abs. But with those tasty chicken Tangri and paneer tikkas coming in, we can’t blame you.

The spin of the toilet flush

The spin of the toilet flush

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Yeah, toilet flushes spin in a different direction in the Southern Hemisphere. That caught us by surprise too. And now, let’s clear the thing out- You can find both directions in both hemispheres. People have been applying logical explanations behind this myth but the fact is, it doesn’t really apply to toilet flushes. This myth, in particular, calls upon the Coriolis Effect, where flow patterns are affected by the earth’s rotation. Coriolis Effect is applicable on Gulf Stream or hurricanes, but it’s kinda lame to thing toilet flushes or even tornados would be influenced directly by it. Maybe if we focus on other things to affect the direction of the spiral like the design of the toilet, plumbing, and water pressure, we could feel they make more sense.

Lightning cannot strike twice

lightning cannot strike twice

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This myth is one of those that make us believe it’s very easy to fool people. So let us get this straight, if you are outside and there’s lightning, you should stand in the place where the lightning had struck before. What kind of Sasta Nasha did these guys do before making this ‘revelation’? Our dear readers if there’s lightning, just leave everything and run for your lives and find a safe shelter. And also, maybe stay away from these kinds of people.

5 senses

5 senses

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We’re aware of this one. In school, we were taught about the 5 basic senses- sight, hear, taste, smell and touch. Now, if you’re a medical student, you know there are more senses in our body than these 5 basic ones. They are;

Proprioception- the sense of one’s orientation in space.

Thermoception- the sense of temperature.

Equilibrioception- the sense of balance

And interoception- the sense of one’s physiological condition.

So, now when someone talks to you about their “5 sense”, tell them you have 9 and sit back and watch them lose their mind. Pure evil!

We use only 10% of our brain

using 10% of your brain

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We’re living in a 24/7 lifestyle, facing different kinds of stress in our daily so it’s safe to say that it’s definitely more than just 10%.  Now following the facts closely, our brain works without stopping, day and night, using 20% of our body resources. And there is only one time when it gets some rest, that’s when we are OFF. Our brain is an extremely complex organ, it keeps doing something even when we don’t pay attention. Let us also remember that it’s our unconscious mind that works while we are in our dreamland. So, it’s pretty safe to say that we use more than 10%!

Condom size doesn’t matter

Condom size doesn't matter

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This one is gonna hurt a man’s ego. But whatever you say, size does matter. It always does! Of course, given that we live in India where we don’t have much diversity in sausage length unlike the US, we shouldn’t be bothering about it. But hey, we do have tourists and foreign visitors and some ‘gifted’ gentlemen amongst us. So, this point is for you guys. Well, it would be illogical to try to fit your gentleman’s sausage in a condom size that is too small for you. Also, a size bigger will only deflate your manly ego even further. Just like buying perfect sized underwear, a perfect sized condom is also important. You don’t wanna bother about the condom size when your partner is saying, “Come to me, Daddy!” Do you?

So, did we help you bust some myths? Of course, there is a lot that is left. Why don’t you tell us and we’ll make a part 2 of it? Check out more in Befazool Manoranjan.