5 Things Girls Secretly Wish For 'In Bed'

5 Things Girls Secretly Wish For 'In Bed'

No matter how advanced we all get, let’s just accept the fact that talking about sex shall always be an awkward affair...  

Apart from this, it is quite an open secret that often guys are not as good with words as we would like them to be.

While ladies, on the other hand, need to be pros as deciphering a lot of their feelings and emotions... Now, this bridge of alternate expressing games leaves in so many loopholes of communication in any relationship... 

Of course, Indubitable to say, boyfriends make amazing lovers and an awesome company, but we can also not just get past the truth that there are so many times where we end up thinking men could do more, like for real! 

Oh, Boii! You all have no clue; how much are you lagging with this state of being unaware... it could have been a matter of concern but now that you’re here... you really need not to worry as we bring you the top five things that every girl secretly wishes for in bed: 


1. Manhandled 

Ya-Ya... We know they said they are all independent and would never want to be dominated under any circumstance but here's something you need to know!

THEY WANT IT ALL! and maybe they can't say it straight but ahem... they really want you to take the lead in activities and dominating persona for once...


2. Pampered 

The girl is your queen and now that your bedroom is the kingdom you own, you gotta make her feel special... like REALLY special. Pamper her in all possible way you can imagine. Trust us on this, she'll love it...


3. Long Conversations 

Well, because, come on?! who are we kidding? we said this before and we'll say it again, women are expressive being and expect the same from you while in bed... no, we are not saying to express life philosophy but if you really feel you should connect to your partner, you really have to make an effort to express your feelings... Be it, the deep romantic feelings that you are to 'manly' to express or the dirty talking for which you feel all uncomfortable to express... Just do it, my friend! She's your partner and definitely not with you to judge, STOP OVERTHINKING!


4. Discovering Fantasies 

Now, this could be one of the best discovery tasks... I mean, you are supposed to discover the shielded fantasies of your partners so you may imply on that sometime maybe! well, how cool is that man?!!


5. Tick Something Off Her List Of Sexual Fantasies

Everyone has a list of fantasies they want to experience at least once! but ohh! they're too shy to bring it up by themselves... 

Well, in that case, be the man and make your girl comfortable discuss all her fantasies and live them like a boss!

We hope these basic revelations help you in real life... 

Also, Your welcome!