5 Signs That Last Night You Were All Wasted!

5 Signs That Last Night You Were All Wasted!
Jindagi Barbaad Ho Giyaa...

We all love parties and making memories with our friends! Unless it turns into a nightmare of embarrassing incidents. Well, you’re guessing it right! We're talking about “The nights I don’t remember with the people I won’t forget” kinda parties... These parties are also lovely unless you steal all the lights of it with your drunk antics. But how would we know that your last night you were all wasted or is it just in your head?? Allow us to guide you to the 5 proven signs that’d imply exactly what you want to know whether happened or not! 

  1. Party Term Memory Loss! 

Yeah! It is a term! A term which you’re totally aware of... Remember the evenings when all you all that can recall is decently dressing and heading to a party and BAM! 2 drinks and everything that happened post that is just a third person story to you now... Not just the party event but the people as well... yes! You do not remember the friends of friends you met last night. Basically, no event and face recollecting data for the record. 



  1. Hangover: The Death Bed Feels 

Each time you are badly hungover your people around you hear you say... ‘Ab Nahin Peeni Yaar’ but then … Jab raat hi yaad nahi rahi toh hungover promises kon yaad rakhega? Well, coming back to the Hangover feels, isn’t it one of the hardest times of your life since you’ve started drinking?! Like if we’ve ever had to explain the feeling that could be close to dying experience deja-vus' it has to be these terrifying close to death hangover experiences. 



  1. ‘Kartoot’ Updates ft. Friends! 

What could be more embarassing than the time when your whole squad corner you and hit you with all of your lit-’Kartoot’ you did the previous night... Well, NOTHING!  



  1. Introvert Personality: Ruined! 

You built your personality just the way you wanted and one drunk night, it's all ruined! Your friends cannot see you as an introvert anymore... all your enthusiasm is exposed forever! If ruining your personality wasn’t enough then spilling all your secret out has to be the highlight of your *Exposed incident*...  



  1. All Your Belongings: Gone! 

Well, if you were drunk enough to not remember anything how can you expect yourself to be responsible enough to take care of all your belongings like your wallet, cell phone, and everything that you owned that night... All your belongings are coming to you the next day and most probably not in their best conditions... 



Well now, if you’ve ticked off all of these pointers in one night, then my friend you’ve been bamboozled IRL! And believe it or not you were actually wasted last night...